“Former Bush Justice Department official” at heart of Helms-Farr smear has sordid radical left ties

The lefties are pounding away at Trump judicial nominee Tom Farr for, among other things, his work on behalf of the late US Senator Jesse Helms.  At the heart of the leftist attacks is testimony from “former Bush Justice Department official” Gerry Hebert.  Hebert was a harsh critic of some postcards sent out by the 1990 Helms campaign to black voters, and has resurfaced to claim: Farr (1) was behind the postcards, and (2) lied about them to the Senate.

Those of you who follow politics and government like I do know that administrations change in DC and Raleigh, but there are whole classes of worker bees who hang around for decades carrying out policy.

And working for the US Justice Department doesn’t make you an indisputable saint and American hero.  Ramsey Clark served as LBJ’s attorney general.  He went on to serve as a mouthpiece for some of the most radical communist-leaning political organizations nationally and internationally. 

But back to Hebert.  The anti-Farr forces and drivebys neglect to mention Hebert’s current role with a radical leftist think tank in DC with the rather innocuous-sounding name of  The Campaign Legal Center. 

The group’s “Litigation Strategy Council” includes renowned North Carolina lefties Anita Earls and Walter Dellinger.   Hebert, himself, is a regular talking head on MSNBC to bash attorney general Jeff Sessions.  He even fought Sessions’ confirmation as AG and his 1981 nomination as a federal judge.

Hebert is also a regular talking head on something called The Real News Network. 

RNN describes itself like this: “[…] We cover the big stories of the day, but we broaden the definition of what’s important: the movements for working peoples’ rights, for peace, for the health of our planet, and against racism – are news. […] ”   

(*Look out Newsmax and Fox News!*)

RNN’s board includes somebody described as “an ethnomusicologist” and the actor Danny Glover — whose politics make Stalin’s look pacifist and loving.