The WaPo takes on WaJo

The maestros of fake news at The Washington Post are turning their,um, creative juices toward our very own Walter Jones:

There are 291 Republicans in Congress, and only one voted against the GOP tax bill because he thinks it will increase the U.S. deficit.A 12-term congressman from the eastern banks of North Carolina, Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr. (R-N.C.) says his fellow House Republicans have used cherry-picked data and fanciful projections to delude themselves that the plan will not balloon the federal deficit.“I guarantee you, if Mr. Obama was the president and he put this tax bill in, those deficit hawks in my party would get out of the nests and start squawking,” Jones said. “But here they are, and because it’s a Republican president possibly adding $1.5 to $2 trillion to this country’s deficit, they’re going to stay in the nest and not squawk about it.” […]  Jones’s main criticism of the tax package is that he believes it will explode a federal deficit already reaching unsustainable levels. That conviction, coupled with his maverick voting record, is central to his rejection of the law.“At the time I joined, the Republican Party was very outspoken about the debt of the nation. … I look at where we are as a nation now, and the Republican Party doesn’t stand for less government and less spending,” Jones said. “It spends like there’s no tomorrow.”[…]

Of course, the usual suspects turned up:

[…] Scott Dacey, a former Republican operative and lobbyist who is mounting a primary challenge against Jones in 2018, said Jones’s vote against the tax bill will spell disaster for him back home.
“I was at a Beaufort County Christmas party for the local GOP, and I was going to each table and telling them that Jones had voted against Trump’s tax reform bill,” Dacey said. “And they said, ‘Are you kidding me? What on earth is he thinking?’ There’s this sense of amazement and befuddlement.”[…]

Mmmmmm — No, Scott. I think stuff like this will spell disaster for YOU.

2 thoughts on “The WaPo takes on WaJo

  1. As with Speciale’s primary challenger, I just have my doubts that Beaufort and Craven Republicans will fall for these establishment snake oil salesmen. Anywhere else in the state (looking at you, NC-06 Republicans) Republicans blindly go for their GOPe darlings but coastal Republicans are genuine conservatives.

  2. There are two big things one has to know about Scott Dacey to know that he is poison:
    1) that he is a career federal lobbyist
    2) that he personally gave $12,000 to John Boehner’s campaign to remain Speaker of the House.

    Of course, I could add a lot more to his record of liberalism, but those two take the cake.

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