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#ncga: Timmy & co. seeking to clip Constitution Party’s wings?

It appears third party ballot access is a great idea when  the new party competes directly with your opponents.  But look what happens when a  new party comes along that just might threaten the bosses on Jones Street. That’s my new best friend on Jones…

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NCGOP getting awful cozy with identity politics

GOP legislators in the NC House appear quite comfortable with the idea of “diversity and equity” training for law enforcement officers. Now it appears the North Carolina Republican Party is giving serious thought to endorsing the formation of a homosexual Republican club.  WHY would the…

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#ncga: Draft Boswell ?

That’s what a new website is asking us to do.  Beverly Boswell, a Dare County Republican, lost her reelection bid to the NC House on May 8th.  This new site is seeking support for her jumping to the newly-minted Constitution Party of North Carolina and…

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#ncga: House GOP buying into “equity and diversity training” for cops?

That’s what it looks like: The House Select Committee on School Safety approved 14 recommendations to make schools safer. These recommendations made on Thursday, May 10, include more funding for school resource officers, licensing reciprocity for school psychologists, and requiring peer-to-peer counseling programs in schools….

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EIGHT pay increases in FIVE YEARS ???

Wow.  Where do I sign up for THAT JOB? The recipients of said pay raises were in Raleigh this week clad in red, skipping out on their jobs, and demanding MORE MONEY: While covering the teachers union-led protest that occurred at the North Carolina General…

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#ncpol: The NC Constitution Party’s coming-out party

There’s a fresh freckled face in town.  (And she isn’t named Alice.) The North Carolina Constitution Party has qualified for access on the November ballot.  That means some locales in the state may have FIVE choices in November (Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, and now Constitution)….

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#ncga: Timmy & co. cram for teacher march

Oh, look.  New mail from Jones Street: From: Joseph Kyzer (Rep. Tim Moore) Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 1:12 PMTo: @House/Republican/LAs <>; @House/Republican/Members <>; @Speaker Tim Moore’s Staff <SpeakerTimMoore’>Subject: Materials for Staff Meeting Today: FAQs, Facts, Website Importance: High Good Afternoon Members and Staff,  Please reference the attached resources in advance of…

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#ncga: GOP looking to OUTSPEND Cooper ???

We told you about the conservative majority in the General Assembly agreeing to knock state spending up ONE BILLION DOLLARS above 2017-2018 totals. Now, it appears they’re trying to outspend Gov. Roy Cooper by $200 million. Check out the graphic below: A Raleigh GOP operative…

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Walter Jones to Scott Dacey: ‘See You in Court.’

The bloody primary for the 3rd congressional district GOP nomination is over. But it sounds like there will be further discussions, involving lawyers and judges, between two of the campaigns involved. Congressman Walter Jones was on Wednesday’s “Tom and Sadie” radio program talking about the…

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Shu’s very bad, horrible Election Day.

North Carolina has an abundant supply of people calling themselves “political consultants” who really don’t have much of a clue.  Unfortunately, the NCGOP has more than its fair share of that surplus.  I, for one, am incredibly frustrated by quality candidates going down in flames…