#ncga: Timmy & co. cram for teacher march

Oh, look.  New mail from Jones Street:

From: Joseph Kyzer (Rep. Tim Moore) 
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 1:12 PM
To: @House/Republican/LAs <houserepublicanlas@ncleg.net>; @House/Republican/Members <Houserepublicanmembers2@ncleg.net>; @Speaker Tim Moore’s Staff <SpeakerTimMoore’sStaff@ncleg.net>
Subject: Materials for Staff Meeting Today: FAQs, Facts, Website 
Importance: High
Good Afternoon Members and Staff, 
Please reference the attached resources in advance of the House Republican staff meeting today at 2 p.m. in 544 LOB. 
Visit www.ncteacherraise.com to familiarize yourself with this website in advance of our meeting. 
The NC Education Fact Sheet contains responses to frequently asked questions from media and teachers that I strongly suggest you review.
Hard copies of the NCGA one-pager will be provided to your offices tomorrow morning. 
We look forward to seeing House Republican staff at 2 p.m. in 544 LOB. 
Joseph A. Kyzer
Communications Director
Office of Speaker Tim Moore
(919) 733-5463
Here are the attachments (one)  and (two) Kyzer speaks of.
This should be fun.  (Bring your #2 pencils.)

6 thoughts on “#ncga: Timmy & co. cram for teacher march

  1. The House Leadership is just so dumb. You are never going to outspend the dems.

    Why are we trying to beg the media again to love us? They never had and never will….

  2. I would make the argument over performance pay which the NCAE is dead set against, but a large number of parents would favor – better pay for better teachers. That is a Republican initiative and we should be pounding it hard. We need to put some points on the board, and I am not sure that Timmy’s strategy is doing that.

    1. That goes along with my 2 part question no one wants to ask the protesters. How does giving you more money make you a better teacher? I mean are they saying they’ve been failing our kids not doing their best because they want more money? Of course the generic response will be they want more money to attract better teachers. At that point I want to know if that’s an admission the current teachers aren’t cutting it, if so why do you want more money again?

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