Coffee, teeth-whitening, and now “thugs”: a liberal-triggering epidemic

Yikes!  There is no telling what will set off the granola-and-patchouli crowd these days.  Many times leftists will simply exaggerate and twist words to put conservatives on the defensive.  However, what they’re doing to state Rep. Mark Brody is out-and-out LYING.

Here is what Brody wrote on Facebook:

Union County teachers choose to inconvenience near 30,000 parents in order to pressure the General Assembly to increase their pay!

The hypocrisy is that they say they are supporting the students. One less day of instruction does not help students. Teaching our children that it is OK to not show up for work does not set a good example. And, if you can make the assumption that teachers have achieved a level of education where they can make well thought out decisions, why is it that they cannot figure out that in about 3 weeks the school year will be over and the legislature will still be in session? Strange but, unfortunately, they cannot make a simple connection – protest without inconveniencing anyone. ( Inconveniencing people is a main tactic of the Labor Union movement)

Let’s call this what it is, Teacher Union thugs want to control the education process! I am speaking up because I don’t want Union County schools, and for that matter all NC school systems, to turn into Chicago. Let the Union thugs get their way now and we are half way there.

I will end this by saying I strongly support those teachers who do the right thing, in the right way and at the right time. Your biggest legislative support comes from the Republican State legislature. Your greatest enemy for the causes you strive for is the Teacher Union, your incompetent and/or spineless local administrations and, the biggest problem of them all, the NC Department of Public Instruction.

The Democrats, over decades of self serving administrations, have built walls around these groups to insulate them from Republican legislatures who want to actually do the things that will make education teacher friendly and student effective.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all those teachers who continue to fight for the cause of quality education, who proudly display a role model example that shows our children there is a right way to do and accomplish things, will stand up to the bullies and self serving thugs of the Teachers Union and believe in showing up for work.

Remember, Chicago is just a Democrat controlled legislature away.

Got that?  Good.  Now, here is how the leftists reacted to what Brody had to say:

Really?  I don’t see anything even close to that in Brody’s post.  Somebody needs to get with “Pretty Boy” Jackson and ask (1) if he’s seeing something we can’t or (2) if he’s just LYING.

And let’s not forget Senator Dan Blue, who rivals The Round Rev and Jesse Jackson when it comes to race-pimping:

Again, WHERE did Brody do THAT?

Oh, and don’t you just love how they and their allies in the driveby media put up the pics of the harmless-looking white suburbanites to “make” their case?  It’s shades of The Round Rev and Moral Monday — sticking the poor little old ladies out front to get arrested while the SEIU thugs and the Soros money stay in the shadows. 

9 thoughts on “Coffee, teeth-whitening, and now “thugs”: a liberal-triggering epidemic

  1. The real thug in NC politics is Soros-funded Marxist “Comrade” William Barber, but it looks like the only ones on Fakebook applying the term “thug” to teachers are Jackson and Blue, NOT Brody.

  2. I sent all my legislators and several others emails that I am not happy with this political stunt. I wrote my school board and they told me that they cannot, by law, deny a teacher up to two “personal days” each year…no questions asked. I don’t know about anyone else, but my boss could say I cannot take a day if it would affect what needs to be done. My request to the legislators is that we need to change the law in response to a stunt like this.

    My school district has about 500 teachers using days out of about 5,000 and has now shut down. What if several hundred decided to have a rolling walkout every month or week for a period in order to shut down schools and prove some other point in the future. WE ALL need to contact our representation to request that local leaders can respond to a situation like this where the school system has to be shut down.

    The last point, I think this walkout hurts their cause more than anything else. In the past five years with us increasing pay by HUGE amounts they are still going up there and crying fore more…more….more? I for one have not had a raise in three years, and in past jobs I have been told that 0.5% to 1% raises were somehow something that should be considered great. And our teachers are angry with raises that are between 30%-50% over five years? This is truly galling and our legislators may need to stop the gravy train and let localities take over.

  3. We also need to consider that these figures are 10 month figures…..the current average salary of $51,000 translates to $62,000 when you calculate to a 12 month salary. Who of us gets two months vacation….then a fall break….then two or three weeks at Christmas….then spring break week….then get out in early June?

  4. Is it true they don’t have adequate paid maternity leave? Can somebody verify that?

  5. Will someone, anyone please ask the protestors one simple question? How will giving teachers more money magically make them better teachers? Do they claim they’ve been teaching poorly because they’re not paid enough or are they saying they suck as teachers and higher pay would bring in better ones? I’m just confused I guess

  6. As I understand NC statute, Senator Jackson’s post is inherently libelous as it both attempts to discredit Representative Brody as a member of the General Assembly AND subjects Representative Brody to public disgrace and/or contempt and/or ridicule.

    I believe Representative Brody can prove actual malice, and also overcome privilege as well.

    Richard Carter Jr

  7. Vindicated!!!!

    In an email from the NCAE Organize 2020 Caucus sent Monday evening, that probable wasn’t suppose to fall into my hands, it reads:

    “We were inspired by the powerful organizing and social justice focus of the Chicago Teacher’s Union and have been working to bring similar energy to North Carolina.”


    “This isn’t union-like activity. It’s union activity.”

    Many teachers are fooled into believing this is a rally for them and their students but in reality we have ourselves a genuine union organizing

    Also an interesting quote about teacher’s unions from a former president of two national teacher unions – Albert Shanker,

    “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

  8. The Republicans were told in no uncertain terms that raising teacher pay would not win them favor with teachers. The legislature should extend the school day by one year to compensate for tomorrow’s debacle, and the bill should include a stipulation that no teacher can take PTO the last week of school.

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