“Houston, we HAVE a choice.”

Conservatives have been told time and again to suck it up and get behind weak, spineless big government candidates.  “Where else are you gonna go?”  the RINOs sneer at us.

Well, it appears right-thinking folks fed up with the NCGOP now have an option.  It appears, according to the state board of elections, that The Constitution  Party of North Carolina has qualified for ballot access in the state.

The Green Party recently accomplished this feat, and the GOPe chortled and giggled.  *A split on the Left.  Hallelujah!*

I am betting the giggles have all died out in the GOPe parlors across Raleigh.  Just think about what damage a Libertarian candidate AND a Conservative Party candidate can do to the hopes and dreams of a big-spending RINO in a general election.