#ncga: Timmy & co. seeking to clip Constitution Party’s wings?

It appears third party ballot access is a great idea when  the new party competes directly with your opponents.  But look what happens when a  new party comes along that just might threaten the bosses on Jones Street.

That’s my new best friend on Jones Street, House minority leader Darren Jackson.  He’s referencing our story on the Draft Boswell movement that appears to have popped up on The Outer Banks.

One of the main arguments FOR capitalism and things like school choice, is that competition makes everyone better and stronger.  Why not go back to actually acting on the ideas in  the party platform that GOT YOU THE MAJORITY IN 2010 AND 2012?

Apparently, the party of the free market feels the need to clamp down on this whole competition thing when it comes to enhancing their own job security.

*For some strange reason, there was little concern about this whole “sore loser” concept when the Greens earned ballot access. *