#ncga: Timmy & co. seeking to clip Constitution Party’s wings?

It appears third party ballot access is a great idea when  the new party competes directly with your opponents.  But look what happens when a  new party comes along that just might threaten the bosses on Jones Street.

That’s my new best friend on Jones Street, House minority leader Darren Jackson.  He’s referencing our story on the Draft Boswell movement that appears to have popped up on The Outer Banks.

One of the main arguments FOR capitalism and things like school choice, is that competition makes everyone better and stronger.  Why not go back to actually acting on the ideas in  the party platform that GOT YOU THE MAJORITY IN 2010 AND 2012?

Apparently, the party of the free market feels the need to clamp down on this whole competition thing when it comes to enhancing their own job security.

*For some strange reason, there was little concern about this whole “sore loser” concept when the Greens earned ballot access. *


6 thoughts on “#ncga: Timmy & co. seeking to clip Constitution Party’s wings?

  1. I would rather see Boswell hold back and take on the GOP liberals in the 2020 primary, but I suspect this heavy handed approach will embolden the folks in Dare County who got shafted by the establishment in the GOP primaries to redouble their efforts to be sure that both Solyndra Steinburg and hateful Hanig have some Constitution Party opponents.

  2. Well I kinda think twofers are like double dipping. I ran as an R and lost so I’m going to rebrand myself as something else and take another shot… and probably lose twice in one race.. Rare form.

    1. I don’t think you understand the situation. This is folks in Dare County, who are used to having a legislator from there, being snookered in the primaries and are upset about it. They are seeking Boswell as their strongest candidate to put a Dare nominee in the mix. Steinburg is the one who recruited Hanig to run against Boswell, which is why there is so much animosity toward Steinburg.

      Dare’s candidate lost the Senate primary because he ran as a nice guy who would never say anything bad about his opponent. There were lots of policy issues and performance issues that should have been raised against Steinburg and were not. Steinburg ran a negative campaign but did not get personal. He stuck to political issues, and did exaggerate but gave his opponent an opportunity to repsond.

      The House race was a different kettle of fish. Hanig used a very underhanded last minute personal smear to narrowly take the nomination from Boswell, not giving Boswell time to respond. That sort of dirty politics leaves lasting hard feelings, and Hanig, Steinburg, and even Boswell may pay a lasting price for that. It leaves activists in Dare steaming mad and something they are not likely to get over easily. Having someone you consider a slime ball as your party nominee does not engender much support.

      It was highly predictable that the Constitution Party would make a play here, given what Hanig did.

  3. It is illegal to change election laws while the election is in process. This has been tried before and courts have ruled against changes. The Speciale Amendment would have the changes take place 1/1/19. Personally I think the sore loser law should go away. If a candidate wants to spend money and time running, let them.Dennis

  4. There is an old saying that what goes around, comes around.

    Steinburg got Hanig to challenge Boswell, and now the end result may be Boswell challenging Steinburg as a Constitution Party candidate. Steinburg would have been smart to keep his fingers out of somebody else’s race because he was a November long shot to begin with, and would be an even longer shot with Boswell on the ballot.

    The word is that Steinburg was working behind the scenes for the challenge of lobbyist Scott Dacey against Walter Jones. Jones is in his last campaign and has no one filed against him in November. What would happen if Jones decided to endorse a Senate bid by Boswell? That would make it real interesting.

  5. Perception is not always reality. Those NOT IN the “foxhole” would obviously be disadvantaged as to those actually IN THE “foxhole” if simply asked, what really happened in there? There are truths and the opposites that are trickling out in comment with respect to the primary campaigns in Dare County by good minded individuals BUT by those NOT IN the “foxhole”.

    I want to assure all that the Dare County GOP is healthy. It turned Dare red in 2012. Its intentions are to keep Dare red in Nov of 18 and 2020. We are “All aboard” the Trump Train in Dare.

    Browny Douglas
    A remnant son of the American Revolution and damn proud of it.
    Go Trump!!!!

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