INDICTED: Bob Steinburg’s right-hand gal in quite a pickle

Sources affiliated with Dare County’s criminal justice system confirmed for us that GOP state senate nominee Bob Steinburg’s right-hand woman has been indicted by a Dare County grand jury.  According to file #18CRS131 at the Dare County Clerk’s office, Diana Nicole London was indicted Monday on one count of embezzlement.

London serves in Raleigh as Steinburg’s legislative assistant and has been at his right-hand throughout his current campaign for the district 1 state senate seat.

(I am starting the countdown in anticipation of Steinburg acolytes laying blame for the indictment on: Elvis, Bill Cook, Clark Twiddy and some guy named Jordan.  Funny, though — none of those folks were in the grand jury room on Monday.)

London is also the subject of a complaint filed with General Assembly authorities claiming she has been campaigning for Steinburg on state time (and the state dime).

I am also waiting with baited breath for Steinburg to take to Facebook Live and feign astonishment and ignorance.  Some of his top supporters have been screeching all over for Facebook for weeks about impending charges against London.  This was expected.

Sources familiar with the situation tell me this is not a one-off.  They tell me there are other similar shoes ready to drop.


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  1. Well, I’m sure Bob, with his 2.9 million dollars in assets can help her out. He knows the systems well…. A little too well!

  2. Error of omission?

    Interestingly I first heard about this from a website that is not the least bit friendly to commercial fishing. And those folks don’t care for Bob Steinburg for the same reason that I do: He has a heart for the working class, in particular for commercial fishermen. The group that is anti-commercial fishing provided the link to The Haymaker for their source.

    When I did further searching, I also found some additional information that puts it in better perspective. I’ve pasted the comments from the article in The Outer Banks Voice below.

    If folks don’t like Bob Steinburg that’s fine, but I think it’s wrong to omit some very important information to fit the narrative. Heck, that’s what we’ve come to expect from the mainstream, right?

    From the Outer Banks Voice:

    Multiple sources said the indictment came after a report of losses from a local business. The investigating officer listed with the case is a member of the Kill Devil Hill Police Department.

    Details from Monday’s grand jury session were not yet available, according to the Dare County Clerk of Superior Court office.

    District Attorney Andrew Womble told The Daily Advance that the case does not involve Steinburg, and the charges stem from before she began working in Steinburg’s office.

    Documents obtained by The Outer Banks Voice show London had a judgement of default against her ordered by the Wake County Clerk of Superior Court for more than $14,000 on April 20 from a civil suit filed by a Raleigh marketing agency.

    1. Hmmmm. April 20th judgement from civil suit filed by Raleigh marketing firm? April 20th of this year? I believe she was working for Steinburg then.

      We get it. You are a lobbyist, and Steinburg gives lip service to your cause. But the guy is mental and has extreme difficulty with the truth. bad judgement too, apparently. At least in choosing his confidants.

  3. Steinburg is a weak general election candidate in a district that is now much more Democrat than it was. The issue on this same woman blatantly violating state law in campaigning for Steinburg on the taxpayers dime is also percolating out there, and Steionburg HAD to know she was doing that.. This guy is going to lose the general election whether or not there is a Constitution Party candidate.

    The powers that be in Raleigh need to get him to resign the nomination now. A Twiddy or Boswell for the GOP run might save the seat. Do it while there is time to put a new name on the ballot and time to stymie the Constitution Party running someone. I don’t think they would be nearly so likely to put someone up against a Boswell or a Twiddy.

    Even if Steinburg pays lip service on fishing, he is in the hip pocket of the radical environmentalists trying to impose very expensive and very unreliable wind and solar on our electric ratepayers and taxpayers and that is a red line no conservative voter should cross.

    1. John- while “radical environmentalist” might be pushing solar and wind, it’s the big money from lobbying that greased the skids in Raleigh for that boondoggle. Senator Jerry Tilman has been pushing this hard to the tune of $36.7-million in the 2015 with $183-million in cost over five years. Tilman also had his hand out supporting unsustainable commercial fishing practices for a little quid pro quo with the industry lobbyist just as Steinburg does. The cancers killing NC sit on Jones Street. The sad part is the graft is mostly hidden in donations to the party that then gets doled out to the power players-

  4. Those of us who worked hard when 100 Democrats, only 20 Republicans in NC house , and the Democrats let five to seven people meet in the back room and control totally all house legislation. The public overtime agreed with a more open representative government , and put us in control. And now, unfortunately our leadership takes the same approach the Democrats used with 5-7 people in a backroom making all the decisions. One difference , the Democrats did let debates take place, we never won but at least we were able to speak. Today because we Republicans want control by secrecy so much we do not even pretend to allow debate. Why , we are in office for the correct reasons, lets show the public what honest American representative leadership is.

    1. Robert, you have many conservative fans who wish you would primary that liberal Fraley and take your seat back. You were a great legislator, and Fraley is a joke. His miserable left wing voting record is a target rich environment in a primary..

  5. I can’t believe the BS Camp is actually trying to spin this and make her seem innocent, like a victim.
    Why do they always play the victims?
    Diana London is the victim, but I haven’t researched anything and I have no facts to support this. Yet, I’m going to accuse and say I “know” all this completely wrong info accusing everyone, up to and including the sitting DA. This must be a political hit. Except it should have went through before the election, but was delayed so it wouldn’t impact the primary. Idiots.
    BS is a victim. Everyone is attacking him for being angry, so of course his response of anger is acceptable. They’re saying he accepts bribes from green energy, nuh uh! He only accepts campaign donations.
    Lie, deny, then justify. That whole camps life motto. It’s too bad they don’t use their twisted mentality to do something good, like put people like them behind bars for smearing the name of those who are actually honest. To attack someone for standing up when their livelihood has been attacked is just about the lowest any one person can go. Their lack of morals is astounding.

  6. Let’s look at the plaintiffs and those associated with this crap. Both plaintiffs VMI grads – so is Twiddy. Their restaurant had Twiddy signs in front and a major fundraiser for Twiddy was done there. The ADA in Dare had photos of Twiddy support all over his FB page. DA Womble still has Twiddy photos on his FB page. The real amount in question is a small claims amount and should NEVER have gone to a Grand Jury. Blame that on the DA and the ADA. The time in question was previous to Diana working for Rep. Steinburg. All this is too coincidental.

    The plaintiffs and associated cohorts don’t care if they taint a young woman’s record for their own revenge. Why Twiddy never even conceded nor congratulated the winner. NO CLASS AT ALL. It is obvious this crew would rather see a Democrat who they feel they can control win the seat for their own personal gain and not for the interests of all in the district.

    1. Wow. That didn’t take long. The señior member of the Steinburg cheerleading team, ladies and gents!

      If Miss Layden is correct, there would have been a massive conspiracy involving: the owners of a Bbq joint, the Kill Devil Hills Police, the Dare County Sheriff, Clark Twiddy, the Dare County DA’s office, and the Dare County residents on that grand jury. All for the purpose of “getting” this young woman? Would ALL of those people put their reputations and careers on the line for the purpose of smearing or framing this London woman? Good luck with that.

      Small claims is for debt collection. This is not about debt collection. Apparently, the victims in this case believe money was stolen (or embezzled) from them. embezzlement and theft are crimes. Allegations of criminal activity go to grand juries. In a grand jury, prosecutors and lawmen offer up evidence to a panel of local residents to see if there is enough evidence to warrant formal charges. Apparently, this grand jury thought there was.

      This did not just come up out of the blue. It has been the source of heated discussions for months and months. Steinburg knew this was coming and yet kept her as his right-hand in Raleigh and on the campaign.

    2. So, since these guys were the VICTIMS of a crime, they can’t support who they want to support? That’s a great idea.
      “Hey guys, we know you had money stolen from you by someone you trusted, now sit down, shut up, and allow the lynch mob that is the BS team to attack you, your business, your reputations. While they’re at it, why not throw in the rest of the men and women who vowed to protect Dare County from the same people who are attacking you. You just sit down and take it bc the BS camp are the victims here. And to the victim who had Diana crazily follow him across the world while he was visiting his family (without an invite, traveling solo and showing up to surprise him) you just be quiet and don’t tell people about her stealing your money to fund that trip!”
      You’ll notice that on each newspaper story, online post, whatever, Mr. Twiddy’s camp didn’t go in there posting nasty things, the BS camp did. The Twiddy camp didn’t go around posting on FB about members of the BS Camp, your camp did, Dianne.
      The next time you copy and paste what Ms. Audette posts, it’s considered plagerism if you don’t credit your source. FYI, you’re both saying the ADA and DA have photos and posts up supporting Mr. Twiddy, they were tagged in them but never responded or acknowledged them. Either you all need to learn FB, or you’re blatantly lying.
      Please run back to Ms. Audette and let her know that the website she claims to as built but Diana clearly says it was built by someone else and their FB has been around since far before oh-so-crazy-girl worked for them.
      Take your lies elsewhere, Dianne. Nobody here believes you.

    3. After the vile things Steinburg said about him leading up to the primary, were you in his place, would you congratulate Steinburg?

    4. Uh, Diana, did you leave your brain somewhere? If these were Twiddy supporters wanting to help their candidate, they would have done it BEFORE the primary, NOT after it.

      And when it comes to the crime of embezzlement, the amount does not matter. Steinburg surrounding himself with such people only helps the Democrats win this seat.

  7. Move along! Nothing to see here!

    Bob Steinburg is a progressive Republican who wants to save the Polar Bears by seeing that President Obama’s green energy agenda is saved in North Carolina. He is important to the progressive movement. I am sure his staff is likely good progressives who love Polar Bears, too. We should look the other way for Bob since he looks out for our progressive interests. Good thing that district did not nominate that Republican who actually believes in Republican principles – Twiddy, I think his name was.

  8. You may attack me all you want but I know the facts and the coincidence of all this is very clear.

    On top of that I use my name and I do not hide behind some fake name to slash and bash. What are you afraid of???

    1. Give you our names so the BS Camp can make false accusations and smear our names too? Ha! Great try. Of course you put your name out there, all the people who will lie, smear innocent names, and have no morals are on your team. You know everyone else has the integrity that you all seem to have lost, so they wouldn’t go after you the way that the BS Camp does. Disgusting.

      1. And don’t forget Solyndraburg’s reputation for physical violence against opponents. He is a really nasty piece of work.

  9. Does the Holly Audette camp have a problem with VMI, which by the way stands for Virginia Military Institute. For someone who exudes patriotism she certainly showed vitriol to former members of the military in this campaign. And why worry about a business supporting Twiddy with signs when her Bed and breakfast in a residential neighborhood was an embarrassment to the community with two billboards planted in the front yard for Bob Steinburg and Bill Ward. Rumor is now she is passing herself off as an investigative reporter for the Daily Advance and calling the business owners of the establishment filing charges against London. As for Layden, she is just a mouthpiece spouting BS, no original thoughts there.

  10. Everyone knew that Diana Nicole London was probably going to be indicted at least two months before election. Steinburg knew this was coming down the pike. This is no surprise, and it should be no surprise that a sleaze like Steinburg looked the other way, just like he looks the other way when it comes to his convicted child sex offender friend Harvey West.

    1. There must be some reason why the same people talk about Steinburg all the time. It sure does sound like sour grapes.

  11. While you attack Dianne Layden at least she has the intestinal fortitude to not hide behind a fake name. Grow a pair

    1. Yes, I like to talk about Big Bob Steinburg all the time. He is a wonderful progressive Republican who loves the Polar Bears so much that he turns his back on this own party platform to work to preserve President Obama’s green energy agenda. With progressives like Bob in the GOP, we don’t even need Democrats to keep President Obama’s policies in place.

      Now these conservative Republicans who comment are something else. They just don’t like how progressive Bob is and they don’t like his keeping faith with President Obama’s vision.

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