#ncpol: NCGOP HQ surveilling Republican “enemies” ?

Remember The Haywood Five?  The guys from Haywood County the NCGOP hierarchy wanted to excommunicate?

Well, they’ve been busy filing grievances with the state Bar against NCGOP counsel (and kamikaze NC senate candidate) Tom Stark.

In their latest filing, they include a document, purportedly crafted by Stark, that — if authentic — should send a chill up the spine of all North Carolina Republican activists.  Here it is:


“Aggressive social media behavior” warrants ramping up security and calling in The Secret Service? I can see that if there had been threats of physical violence.  But no one has produced any evidence that any of these guys have done anything like that.

And Paul Yeager?  “NOT BANNED but keep a watch on him”?  (WTH?)  Paul is most famous for being an outspoken defender of Hasan Harnett, the duly elected party chairman ousted by the junta currently running things on Hillsborough Street.  Is that worth Secret Service attention nowadays?

Jeremy Davis is best known for posting some memes on Facebook that offended some GOpe types.  Remember the “I got you, babe” hubbub?

7 thoughts on “#ncpol: NCGOP HQ surveilling Republican “enemies” ?

    1. I am not their enemy (I call their group ‘they’) BUT if Stark, who violates any policies of the NCGOP daily by making little of those who have different ideas in building a greater party, He is basically a a narcissistic buffoon(Im being kind) who has traumitiised or deceived the other Officers of our Party into thinking he ‘has it’. He does have the ability to instantly turn many off AND always puts his ideas? into writing, Yes, he has grievances and, if those who know about his mendacity and duplicity, will file their Grievances with the NC State Bar. The Bar doesn’t need him and neither does the Party. Believe me, he can ruin it for Mr. Forest, our Knight and standard bearer in 2020 IF we don’t oust him and his misguided followers now.

  1. I cannot see anywhere in the NC Plan of Organization that the General Counsel, the Executive Director, or the chairman has any authority to “ban” a registered Republican from the convention or other party events. This smacks of the old Soviet Union. I think the Central Committee probably has authority to ban someone from the headquarters building, since it is responsible under the Plan for maintaining the headquarters, but not other sites. The resolution of the Executive Committee only banned the Haywood Five from holding office in the party, not attending party events. I am told that the Central Committee has not passed any resolutions on this subject.

    Who is purporting to authorize Stark to do this or is Stark doing it all on his own? The party needs to get to the bottom of that issue before the State Bar does.

    1. he works directly for Michele Nix !! behind the scenes, and without authorization…. and her hatred for the grassroots in WNC lead to this attack.

      1. Eddie, I’ll be the first to step forward and declare that you and your group are the victims of malicious and illegal targeting by Stark and I know you’ve butted heads with M. Nix, but she is decidedly not Stark’s puppet master. Her motives are sufficiently cloudy to many people such that it’s hard to label her a champion of grassroots conservatism, to be sure, but I would not have her be a shiny object that distracts people’s attention from the more nefarious agents at NCGOP that direct Stark’s actions.

  2. Holy Catfish! I will ban myself from the GOP convention for my “aggressive social media” thoughts. While it is great to see other good folks from around the state, I hold no hope of any reforms by the party leadership for their chicanery in the primary. I am reasonably certain we can win back any seats won by the Democrats in the general.

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