NCGOP getting awful cozy with identity politics

GOP legislators in the NC House appear quite comfortable with the idea of “diversity and equity” training for law enforcement officers.

Now it appears the North Carolina Republican Party is giving serious thought to endorsing the formation of a homosexual Republican club. 

WHY would the GOP adopt the whole identity politics game that has run so many people away from the Democrat Party?

A good chunk of this country’s prosperity came about from little things like people assimilating into ONE culture and learning a common language.    

Our society began to crumble in the 1960s with leftists pigeon-holing everyone.  African-American student associations.  Chinese-American engineering organizations.  Log Cabin Republicans.  Women’s Studies.  Multi-culturalism. 

What good comes from dividing people into camps and making them believe they are all victims of someone else’s allegedly oppressive tactics? 

Why not sell the GOP like this:  Are you tired of government regulations and bureaucrats harassing you and weighing you down?  Come over to the GOP. Are you tired of lawyers ham-stringing cops so that criminals can own  the streets and innocent people are afraid to leave the house at night? Come over to the GOP.  Are you tired of working yourself to the bone only to have two thirds of your income confiscated by the government?  Come over to the GOP. 

I bet a lot of gays and Spanish-speakers get frustrated by high taxes and rampant crime.

Talk to people as North Carolinians and Americans.  Not as: Blacks, Women, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, homosexuals, transgenders, disabled, etc. etc.