NCGOP getting awful cozy with identity politics

GOP legislators in the NC House appear quite comfortable with the idea of “diversity and equity” training for law enforcement officers.

Now it appears the North Carolina Republican Party is giving serious thought to endorsing the formation of a homosexual Republican club. 

WHY would the GOP adopt the whole identity politics game that has run so many people away from the Democrat Party?

A good chunk of this country’s prosperity came about from little things like people assimilating into ONE culture and learning a common language.    

Our society began to crumble in the 1960s with leftists pigeon-holing everyone.  African-American student associations.  Chinese-American engineering organizations.  Log Cabin Republicans.  Women’s Studies.  Multi-culturalism. 

What good comes from dividing people into camps and making them believe they are all victims of someone else’s allegedly oppressive tactics? 

Why not sell the GOP like this:  Are you tired of government regulations and bureaucrats harassing you and weighing you down?  Come over to the GOP. Are you tired of lawyers ham-stringing cops so that criminals can own  the streets and innocent people are afraid to leave the house at night? Come over to the GOP.  Are you tired of working yourself to the bone only to have two thirds of your income confiscated by the government?  Come over to the GOP. 

I bet a lot of gays and Spanish-speakers get frustrated by high taxes and rampant crime.

Talk to people as North Carolinians and Americans.  Not as: Blacks, Women, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, homosexuals, transgenders, disabled, etc. etc.

14 thoughts on “NCGOP getting awful cozy with identity politics

  1. Nitpicking! How else do you expect me to get control of the Central Committee so I can stay Executive Director for life? I surely do not want to go back to being a janitor at the State Fair. If we can pack the Central Committee with these Identity Politics clubs, we can water down the real grassroots like the District chairmen. Do you realize how more and more district chairmen are no longer in my pocket?

    We have already inserted two of these Identity politics clubs, for the Hispanics and the blacks. This will be our third and there are more to come. I thought about an Obamacare Republican club but the only all out supporter of Obamacare I could find is David Lewis and one person is not enough for a club.

    The Central Committee hires the Executive Director, and if the Executive Director can put his people on the Central Committee, he has got it made. Heck, in a few years, we might just take the District chairmen off the Central Committee entirely and just use Identity politics clubs. How great would that be?

  2. When Dallas Woodhouse was using the NCGOP as a platform to cheerlead for the Republican legislators to become surrender monkeys on HB2, we wondered what his agenda was. Now Woodhouse has shown his true colors and they are the rainbow flag. To me, the rainbow flag is just as obnoxious as the hammer and sickle. What is this guy doing drawing a paycheck from our party?

  3. OK, like many of you I was concerned about the promotion being done on FB for this event, “held at NCGOP HQ on Hillsborough Street”. so my Craven County County Chair and I attended to observe. The crowd approached 100 Republicans, republicans, libertarians, gays, lesbians, one NC House candidate speaking for transsexuals, beards, several NC House candidates and unidentified others. The seven speakers ranged from a recently “out-ed” 19 year old from Craven County to a very liberal black former Muslim to a sharply dressed and speaking attorney from Houston to the National Press Secretary of the Young Republican National Federation speaking via video from Miami and the Wake County Libertarian Party Secretary who may bes a candidate for NC House as well as the NC House candidate who is the founder of Gays for Trump. and a leader from of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia. Their messages were as dispirited as they were disjointed with no common theme except that they were gay. Some were more interesting than others, some beating a personal message, some speaking to perceived issues re gays in the GOP and others just showing off. Bottom line, this is nor a movement or a threat to mainstream republicans at this point. The Log Cabin Republicans do not exist in NC as in Texas and some other states, and I would suggest that this group will not change that in the near future. An interesting fact was that the questions oft asked “what can we do to make the GOP recognize and/or be more respectful of the GSM movement, with no clear answer presented. I shared my answer with the NCGOP Vice Chair at the conclusion of the two hour program. “Act like other party workers, minimize your differences, don’t ask for separate treatment or concessions and you will be more than welcome. No Rainbow flags, no chants, no pride march outfits and you will blend in as the many in the LGBT community within the GOP are now. Several comments were made that the Dems have abandoned Gays after lying to them re support for the past couple of decades so perhaps now is the time to include them on “our terms” as listed above. The GOP Platform came up in a general questions, with no specificity as to what is currently in the Platform so that discussion did not take place. I don’t know what the meeting’s mission was, but believe I can report that it wasn’t accomplished. Event organizer TURN has posted the dialog on the Internet.

    1. The camel is trying to get its nose under the tent and some in our party are helping.

      1. next it will be wanting to hold Pro-Choice Forums and Amnesty For All Forums and Ban The Bible Forums

        1. Hey, those are all great ideas for new clubs to give Central Committee seats, too. Thanks.

          Maybe Muslim Republicans and Atheist Republicans, too.

  4. The Wall Street Journal published a piece a few days ago by Orrin Hatch talking against just this sort of thing. Titled “Identity Politics Threatens the American Experiment”

    He even offered supporting for LBGT people in the article but stood strongly against anyone using Identity over Ideas

    The leader of the group that put on the event said in a Facebook post after the event
    “Glad I could be a part of making this happen. The group I created last year, the Triangle Urban Republican Network, put together what was (to anyone’s knowledge) the first LGBT event at the North Carolina Republican Party Headquarters in history” and “We made history tonight folks, don’t forget that.”

    So really it is not about a conversation it is about pushing a agenda of values that goes against traditional moral values in America. The conservative values that the Republican party used to support and the ones that were important for me and many others to put the R beside our names on our voter cards

    The press release for this event had this statement:
    “Triangle Urban Republican Network or TURN is a group of THINKING Republicans, moderates, Libertarian leaners, independents, and anyone elese who want REASONABLE discussion of Republicans politics”

    Really telling that CONSERVATIVE is no place to be found and I would like to direct you to two words in the statement THINKING and REASONABLE. This statement really sounds to me like it could have come directly from Leftist propaganda handbook. The group that wants to have a conversation but is putting the same kind of conditions on speech that Leftists use to control the conversation and dismiss others views in our culture, college campuses and in the main stream media

    And just to also be clear I am not the “Patrick” that was involved in this event if that was not clear already by my statements

  5. The camel not only has his nose under the tent but all of his body parts are already in the tent resting comfortably. If you haven’t noticed almost every program on TV and movies now have at least one or more gay characters. Even commercials are featuring gays. The Boy Scouts allow gay scout leaders and now the Scout Jamboree is handing out condoms and having to reissue them because of use. Interesting because I don’t believe there are very many girls there. Even the Pope has stated Pope made gays that way and loves them. Pat Buchanan response in his column,”Is the Pope Catholic”, reflects the conservative historical position.
    The train left the station long ago and I suspect the NC GOP is trying to catch up. Will not be long before all those Latinos you see in Wal Mart and Target with multiple children tagging along are majority voting and the GOP needs a way to attract them. The democrats sure think they do, and if they do then kiss any semblance of what America was and could be good bye and welcome Bernie Sanders/California/Venezuela world.
    Identity politics has a cost and if you ignore the cost we will pay a heavy price.

  6. fear the Lord and depart from evil; it shall be health unto thy naval, and marrow unto thy bones.

    Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the Lord.

    Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.

    We better get the fear of the Lord. If we stand for what’s right, and lose, …that’s acceptable with God. If the righteous turns from his righteousness, the righteousness he has done shall not be remembered. The Day of the Lord is coming. We are going to give account for every idle word. e v e r y. The Lord God doesn’t separate religion and politics. It’s not secret ballot. Humble yourself, and turn; will you not be accepted?

    1. There have been many many more Christians voting with the GOP, by a country mile, than there have been homosexuals. Why grab the short end of the stick and kick the most loyal Republicans in the teeth? That is not smart politics, and especially not when you are in an off year cycle where motivation to turn out matters a lot.. What was done on HB2 already has done damage with this constituency. Why rub it in more?

      1. Another concern I might add is the fact that these activities are happening without the knowledge, or the consent of, the Executive Committee. What we have here is the continuing willful disregard for Party procedure and rules, by out-of-control usurpers at the State HQ, which started with Hasan Harnett’s unlawful ouster.

  7. “What good comes from dividing people into camps and making them believe they are all victims of someone else’s allegedly oppressive tactics? ”
    Can you say Tea Party?

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