#ncga: Draft Boswell ?

That’s what a new website is asking us to do.  Beverly Boswell, a Dare County Republican, lost her reelection bid to the NC House on May 8th.  This new site is seeking support for her jumping to the newly-minted Constitution Party of North Carolina and running for her House seat in November as a member of the new party.

There’s no word yet if Boswell is actually endorsing this move.  If she does support it, switches parties, and gains the new party’s endorsement, she would join GOP nominee Bobby Hanig and Democrat Tess Judge on the November ballot for NC House District 1.


20 thoughts on “#ncga: Draft Boswell ?

  1. What was done to Boswell in the primary was a disgrace and involved very dirty tricks politics – “ratf#cking” as the Watergate crowd called it.

    A slimy establishment consultant who is a friend of Dallas Woodhouse recycled a Democrat smear against Boswell from the last election but timed it so that Boswell had no time to effectively answer it. In the 2016 campaign, that dirty personal attack backfired on those who used it, once both sides of the story were able to get out. With half of the counties in her district new to her due to redistricting, many of her constituents were not aware of what had happened on that subject in 2016.

    The only way to stamp out such dirty gutter politics as were used against Boswell is to smash those who use them, both consultants and candidates. Steinburg engineered the Hanig challenge, so it would be poetic justice for both to have Constitution Party opponents.

    I would prefer to see Boswell herself not be the candidate, however. She has too much to offer in the future to flame out on a kamakazi run.

    Go get ’em!

  2. The solution is obvious. Steinburg’s Steyer/Gore/Obama green ideology fits more with the Green Party than the GOP. Since the Green Party is now on the ballot, let him run on that party line that is a better fit for him.. That would open up the GOP nomination for Boswell who is an almost perfect fit for GOP principles.

    Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely to actually happen.

    There are upsides and downsides to this proposition about Boswell running Constitution Party.

    One downside is that a three way race almost certainly gives the Democrats more seats to undo the supermajority and empower Roy Cooper, who is turning out to be a very radical leftist.

    Then there is the downside of potential damage to Boswell’s political future.

    The upside is punishing the scummy consultant responsible for the filthy personal attack on Boswell, as well as the candidate who went along with it. Apparently Hanig is that consultant’s only client this cycle and his crashing and burning in a general election would probably put the scumbag consultant out of business, as he should be. While running against Steinburg is an indirect way to do that, since Steinburg and Hanig are virtually jolined at the hip,, finding someone to run against Hanig would seem to be a more direct way to accomplish it…

  3. I strongly encourage Beverly Boswell to join this new party and run. The dishonest RINO controlled Dare County GOP lead by Browny Douglas and Bob “Rooster” Woodard had a lot to do with her primary loss.

    1. Your opinions and vile sick campaign tactics got you butt kicked in the primary. You and a few others, well known by the true Republican
      Dare co. party members tried to undermine and split the hard working
      and established Republican patriots of Dare Co. Your efforts to damage our party did not work. Only effect was by aligning with
      Beverly your negativity helped cost her her seat.

    2. Anyone familiar with Douglas would call BS on this. It is not credible that a conservative like Douglas would push a rabid environmentalist who is weak on gun rights like Hanig over a conservative member of the Freedom Caucus like Boswell. You have an intense personality conflict with Douglas and I believe this false accusation is a result of that/

    3. The one thing to remember here just because someone types in the name and email address does not make it the real person commenting with that name

  4. Boswell should ask herself and others a number of questions on this.

    Clearly this would be a major coup for the Constitution Party, as it would give them a sitting member of the legislature, but is it in Boswell’s interest? How much money is the Constitution Party going to provide her campaign? How many of her GOP financial backers would follow her to the Constitution Party? What would this do to her own political future?

    Boswell would have an obvious issue to beat Steinburg over the head with, which is Steinburg being a spear carrier for the wind and solar goons and the immense damage those special interests can do to our state if not stopped, but unless she is certain of the money to get that and other issues out, what good does having a super issue do?

    I would rather see the CP go with a lower profile candidate. Maybe Mr. Danko? I see a political future for Boswell and I see this move damaging it.

  5. Blaming Beverly Boswell’s primary loss on Browny Douglas and Bob Woodard is like blaming Hillary’s election loss on the Russians. It just isn’t so. There were probably a number of things that contributed to Representative Boswell’s loss. If you conducted an exit poll as to why folks voted against her, the number one issue would be the Plastic Bag Bill. Now, you can agree with her stance on this issue in principle, but the fact is undeniable – the majority of voters were against this bill. This was very personal to the folks in Dare County; this is an issue that should not have been touched. It struck a nerve with your average voter, and it struck at the heart of Ms. Boswell’s loss.
    Another contributing factor to our representative’s loss has to be shouted loud and clear – Ed Danko’s interference in this primary tainted all that associated with this miscreant. He polluted his reputation by attacking a local business; unfortunately, he took a lot of other people down with him. His wild rantings and lies about his opponent burned him directly, but scorched others in his environ. His endorsement all but buried Ms. Boswell.
    So, Representative Boswell’s loss was self-inflicted, plain and simple. She did not need help from anyone else to bring about this defeat. She did it all on her own.
    To think that Mr. Douglas and Mr. Woodard carry that much influence is absurd. For that matter, Mr. Douglas stayed well out of the primary, as one would expect from a county chairman.

    1. The race was close enough, that a number of things going different would have changed the outcome, but I hear the last minute smear by Hanig was the worst blow.

      The plastic bag issue does illustrate one thing, Hoeever, and that is that non-Republicans should NOT be allowed to vote in our primaries. Environmentalists who get wound up on such issues are Democrats and Unaffiliateds, primarily, not Repubicans, and it was environmentalist Unaffiliateds who gave us a liberal environmentalist nominee in this district who got a lousy R rating from the NRA and refused to even answer the questionnaire of Grassroots North Carolina.

      We need to quit letting Unaffiliated voters vote in our primaries. They pull the results to the left.

        1. How do you get a rating from the NRA if you are not an elected official and cannot vote on gun
          Issues? I do not think Hanig was an influence in any gun political issues. Has he ever held a
          Political office? I don’t know. Was he vocally against 2nd amendment during his campaign? Just
          trying to learn about our candidate for Nov.

          1. Pro-gun groups, like pro-life groups and others use questionaires to candidates, both incumbent and non-incumbent, and also voting records. I do not know if any gun issues came up on the Currituck County Commission where Hanig serves.

  6. Another person is likely to do the same move in Craven County due to how the GOP treated the person. That announcement will come after the May 30 meeting in Raleigh.

  7. Does anyone remember Beaufort County? Does any one remember the farce of public hearings that were held across the state for members of the public to offer comments on the redistricting package? Does anyone remember the honorables in Raleigh completely ignoring the very viable recommendations made to keep Beaufort County aligned with the coastal counties in House District 6?

    Beaufort County was punished in this process. Beaufort County lost conservative representation in the NC House and Senate. Representatives Speciale and Boswell no longer represent Beaufort County. Senator Cook was placed in a district so overwhelmingly liberal that he chose not to seek reelection.

    The swamp dwellers in Raleigh won this round. The Constitution Party may win with a knockout in 2018 or 2020. Stay tuned. This is not over.

    1. Many believe Berger did the bidding of the solar and wind goons to gerrymander Bill Cook out of his Senate seat, since Cook had been one of the strongest voices in the General Assembly against that special interest. In doing so, they gerrymandered solar and wing goon Steinburg in and made the district significantly less Republican. A crappy candidate like Steinburg is likely to lose it in November, whether or not a Constitution Party candidate runs.

      Beaufort County was taken out of the district to take Bill Cook out, but they replaced solidly Republican Beaufort County with a collection of small marginal and Democrat counties. Even an exceptionally strong candidate as Cook was, he only won by less than 50 votes his first out when it was a much better district.

    2. Explain why spliting the party instead of trying to fight for conservative values and refocusing our party in the right direction and increase conservative members to be active and show up to vote for GOP leaders in Raleigh at conventions that reflect your and our values. Smaller counties must encourage available delegates to attend
      conventions in order to override large counties that keep Robin Hayes in power. Spliting the party only helps
      socialist democrats.

      1. The beauty of the weighted vote system is that it is much like the Electoral College. Only one solid conservative need show up to swing that county’s total allotted delegate vote to or away from a candidate in the leadership races. Watched it happen in 2017 a lone delegate from a medium sized county voted and placed his county’s sizable delegate share behind just one candidate. Of course, Hayes bought and paid for delegates from certain counties to come and vote for him, so you’re correct, smaller counties should send the largest possible delegation to ensure that anyone like Hayes can’t simply buy a majority or total share of a small county’s delegate allocation.

      2. Splitting the Party has been happening for years. The members answered by electing Hasan Harnett. The swamp responded by over throwing him and turned the Party over to Hayes and Woodhouse. The corruption riddled leadership in Raleigh applauded this action.

        Some other remedy is needed. The Constitution Party is that remedy. And now the swamp is attempting to hobble this great opportunity right out of the gate.If you have a desire to stay on a sinking ship, then do it without us.

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