#ncpol: The NC Constitution Party’s coming-out party

There’s a fresh freckled face in town.  (And she isn’t named Alice.)

The North Carolina Constitution Party has qualified for access on the November ballot.  That means some locales in the state may have FIVE choices in November (Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, and now Constitution).

The NCCP is announcing its intention to hold a nominating convention to determine its general election candidates on June 16 in Charlotte.  The linked page offers up quite a few hoops you need to jump through in order to be considered.

You’ve got to sign a Core Values pledge — promising to support the party platform throughout your tenure as a party representative.  There are also demands for candidate résumès, letters of recommendation, and proof of citizenship.  There are also disclosure forms seeking to know if prospective candidates have ever been convicted of a crime or punished for professional misconduct or malfeasance.

It looks like a pretty serious process.


10 thoughts on “#ncpol: The NC Constitution Party’s coming-out party

  1. They need to keep their bank deposit tickets handy. The Soros money will flow in like water.

  2. Contributions do not win elections, candidates do, especially those that pledge their allegiance to the US and NC Constitutions.

  3. I submit the Constitution Party should consider requiring incumbents seeking re-election to provide a sworn affidavit affirming they have never cast a vote in defiance of the party platform.

    Richard Carter Jr

    1. They should also enact a closed primary, and decree nomination for candidacy by convention of delegates prior to even being allowed on a primary ballot.

      1. We’ve pushed for that for many years, or at least for closed primaries and they wouldn’t even allow that. Just one of the many circumstances that drove the formation of a new Party.

        1. I remember the fight for closed primaries while I was on the executive committee. What a bitter and costly loss.

          I wonder how many party activists realize how precariously positioned the NCGOP is at this time.

  4. Yes they should have to be part of the primary process to add someone to the general election. Not a nomination process. That kind of thinking would have saved Republicans in primaries a lot of money, but denied others their right to contest, and we are not for that. 2020 is soon enough.

  5. A lot of Republicans I have talked with recently are genuinely excited about the new Constitution Party. If NC GOP leaders do not wake up soon, I predict thousands of Republican activists are going to defect. I’m hearing a lot of talk along these lines. The Constitution Party is doing everything right. Grassroots Republicans are very dissatisfied right now.

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