#ncga: The public schools as LANDLORD ???

Some of the same people who spent the last few days hollering about the schools being “starved”  NOW want the public schools managing and renting “affordable housing ” to teachers and other school employees. (*Holy Mr. Roper, Batman!*)

Some Durham area Democrats filed HB 936 on May 17th.  It allows Durham County schools to provide “affordable housing” to the system’s teachers and employees.

Hmmm.  There is apparently money available to do this — build and manage and rent affordable housing units —  but there allegedly isn’t enough to pay for classroom supplies or offer pay raises.   How come? 

This is Democrat legislation, so it is going nowhere.  But the majority on Jones Street needs to pose questions like this to the filers.

2 thoughts on “#ncga: The public schools as LANDLORD ???

  1. Well, back when local communities built and controlled their own schools that was often provided. My small home town still has a 2 story “teachers house” turn built across from the school back years ago when teachers were often single males that is now used as a town hall and community building. Later, a brick home was built next to the school for the principals family. Many childrenurches also built personages for the ministers families.

  2. Sorry spell check kept me from typing the word Teacherage in my previous post unless I used a capital letter. Most folks have heard the similar Parsonage term. Both were used to a help attract teachers and ministers as well as house them since salaries where directly tied to what the community could afford to pay. That local school I spoke of is now a successfully Charter School that continues the tradition of community spirit and pride

    familiar with the Parsonage term for

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