#ncga: The price is NEVER right in the public education money chase

Nope.  Jones Street Republicans will not be joining Drew Carey on the stage.  (The union thugs won’t let them.)

The drivebys have swamped us with lovey-dovey coverage of the union thug-orchestrated “Red for Ed” march on Raleigh.  Your little skulls full of mush got a day off while their teachers romped around downtown Raleigh poor-mouthing anything and anyone with an ‘R’ next to their name.

It certainly was amazing to see all of the poor grammar and math on display during the march.  It certainly can take the wind out of the sails of your demands for a pay raise when  your protest signs read like they were created by someone who no habla inglés. (Or at least not very much inglés.)

Legislative Republicans had a cram session to prepare for the marchers.  Senate president Phil Berger sent out this tweet:

Wow.  A TWO BILLION DOLLAR increase over eight years.

On one hand, stuff like this does a great job of shining a light on the LIES being forced on us by Wayne Goodwin and his friends at WRAL and The N&O.  On the other hand, it caves to the idea that MO’ MONEY is always the best answer.  How about some forensic audits to see if all of this appropriated money actually gets to where it is supposed to go?  How about some actual oversight to ensure bureaucrats are not monkeying around with money meant for the classrooms?

Here in Moore County, we keep adding $100,000 administrators.  Heck, we have so many we had to create a second central office.  NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE do one iota to educate your kids.  Not a one.

A good chunk of the spending decisions on public ed happens with your local county commissioners, your local school board, and your local schools administrative offices. It’s interesting they are getting ZERO heat on this discussion.

Take note, Republicans.  You give them this money and they STILL march against you and threaten to vote you out in November.  You can’t buy their love. So, STOP TRYING.

7 thoughts on “#ncga: The price is NEVER right in the public education money chase

  1. I am on against this illegal strike too but ….Uh you do know that sine is a math (trigonometry) term (sine as in sine and cosine etc.) and she was using a play on words right? Right?

  2. Government monopolies are an expensive and inefficient way to run anything. Decades of communism showed that in eastern Europe. So why do we run our education on the Soviet model? The best solution is to privatize education, and give every student a voucher to use at the private school of his or her choice. We will have better education for the children at a cheaper price for the taxpayers.

    Red was an appropriate color for this pack of socialists.

  3. Try to get an answer on what % of “public education salaries” currently goes to NON-classroom administrators… and … compared to what that % was 10-20-30 years ago ???

    Good luck with that quest. “Area media ” could get it of course … “good luck” with that too.

  4. I too have noticed that no matter the issue, the solution for schools seems to be more money. I have found that if you took the GDP of the state/country/globe and if you gave it to the schools they would still need one dollar more…of course for the chillren not an administrator. They could receive infinite funds and still claim poverty.

    As far as the walkout the other day. We need to all contact our legislators to request that they review the personal day laws on the books and revise them to allow local “leaders” to be able to deny a day if the school system would be adversely affected. When I wrote my school board to express my dismay at closing the district they said that principals could not ask any questions or deny Wednesday. This resulted in about 400 outages out of about 5000 teachers in the district I am in. Just consider if a large district is controlled by radicals who can get a large percentage of teachers to have rolling walkouts every month or week for a period of time. The General Assembly needs to address this.

  5. Funding for Students directly not Administration Staff to require more paper work of teachers. Yes Funding is needed to directly Help Educate the Students and assist the Teachers. Both Parties should support!

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