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#ncga: Charity calls out Tarte on his PORK

I thought it was unusual to see $200,000 tucked away in the recent budget agreement for “classroom supplies.”   Those are normally appropriations handled by local governing entities — city councils, county commissioners, and school boards. The budget agreement even cited a charity called DonorsChoose…

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Is your church showing The Round Rev some love?

The plate gets passed every Sunday.  Money is dumped in there, and is sent off to pay for stuff within and outside of the church.  Do you really have any idea where it’s going — in terms of those outside projects? That bloated cheri-curled jackass…

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#ncga: Viva Las Vegas! (Hey, let’s eat.)

Yes, boys and girls, that appears to be the theme for state Rep. Jason Saine’s  Q1 2018 campaign finance report.  He DID have  a primary opponent, but it is amazing how little of his campaign expenditures appear to actually have something to do with campaigning….

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#ncpol: Takin’ care of business.

The Raleigh establishment raved about Democrats Richard Moore and Janet Cowell during their respective tenures in the state treasurer’s office.  Current treasurer Dale Folwell has been quietly slaving away, during his short time in  office, to clean up the mess those two left him. Folwell…

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#ncga: Would you like some more debt with that?

The alleged conservative revolution in Raleigh is ramming through spending that is $1 billion MORE than what they passed last year. Two years ago, Raleigh gave us the hard sell on this $2 billion ConnectNC bond package. Approving that authorized the state to borrow up…

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#ncga: Curiouser and Curiouser.

Mr. Woodhouse tells us the state GOP was only refunding money Mr. Hastings had previously donated to the party.  Mr. Hastings reports receiving a $5000 “party contribution” from the very same organization Mr. Woodhouse runs.  On October 24, 2017, the Kelly Hastings campaign reported writing…

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Kelly v. Dallas: You say REFUND, I say PARTY CONTRIBUTION.

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” — Cool Hand Luke, 1967 ________ I guess it is all in the eye of the B.S. artist.  In an earlier post, we raised questions about a $5000 payment from NCGOP headquarters to the campaign of state…

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#NCGA: Primary-meddling, by the numbers.

We filled you in earlier about the aggressive tactics orchestrated by the NC Senate GOP caucus in the May primaries.  A lot of mean things were said and done, and a lot of money was spent, BY REPUBLICANS AGAINST REPUBLICANS.  Well, The North Carolina Republican…

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#ncpol: NCGOP HQ surveilling Republican “enemies” ?

Remember The Haywood Five?  The guys from Haywood County the NCGOP hierarchy wanted to excommunicate? Well, they’ve been busy filing grievances with the state Bar against NCGOP counsel (and kamikaze NC senate candidate) Tom Stark. In their latest filing, they include a document, purportedly crafted…

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INDICTED: Bob Steinburg’s right-hand gal in quite a pickle

Sources affiliated with Dare County’s criminal justice system confirmed for us that GOP state senate nominee Bob Steinburg’s right-hand woman has been indicted by a Dare County grand jury.  According to file #18CRS131 at the Dare County Clerk’s office, Diana Nicole London was indicted Monday…