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BOOM! Another liberal head explodes over election subpoenas.

The crowd over at Blinking’ Chris and Scowlin’ Rob’s place (NC PolicyWatch to non-political junkies) is not taking the federal subpoenas for North Carolina election info very well.  Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about from two of their employees who, I think, identify…

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ICE, ICE baby (You’re served. You’re served.)

I hate to allude to such a dark pop culture memory from my undergrad years, but it seems so appropriate given today’s events: Federal investigators connected to the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have…

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Chapel Hill’s “threatening” statue

Can you be threatened by a statue?  Apparently, some of the wine-and-cheese limo-liberals in Chapel Hill believe so: The leaders of UNC-Chapel Hill’s $4.25 billion fundraising campaign have weighed in on the issue of what to do with Silent Sam, and they support the idea…

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#ncga: HD-51’s Sauls about as conservative as his Dem predecessor

Meet The New Boss.  Same as the old boss. Folks in Lee and Harnett counties who thought they were voting for a change in 2016 DID NOT GET much of one.  They traded a Democrat House member, Brad Salmon, for a Republican named John Sauls….

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RINO crackdown on conservatives extends south of the border

Those of you in Haywood County who have been PNGed by the NCGOP — those of you who have been threatened with losing your party position for daring to comment on THIS site (or share posts from this site on social media) — take heart….

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#ncpol: Folwell to UNC Health Care: [REDACTED] you!

One thing we like about treasurer Dale Folwell is that he takes guff from NO ONE.  He doesn’t play the Raleigh back-scratch game, and the crowd there hates him for it. Check out the latest from the University of North Carolina — fresh off of…

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LGBTQXYZ-ing our military

God forbid one of our service members hurts the feelings of our nation’s enemies.  The authoritarian effort to scrub everything and anything masculine out of education has moved on to our nation’s military.  We told you earlier about the drag queen who performs show tunes…

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#ncpol: Just gonna leave this RIGHT HERE …

It’s been interesting to see and hear all of the North Carolina Republican big-wigs tearing Judge James Wynn a new one for his ruling against North Carolina’s congressional districts.  (Case in point, see below.) Of course, we agree with Mr. Blaine on his assessment.  We…

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Re job creation: less Apple & Amazon, more what’s ALREADY THERE.

Yes, THAT is the message from some Establishment pointy-head types at The Brookings Institute writing in Harvard Business Review: Amazon’s highly visible search for a second headquarters has offered one tremendous public benefit: it has raised public awareness of what bad economic development is. Even…

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Char-Meck schools go ‘gangsta’ on N. Meck taxpayers

Not so long ago, we were told how terrible it was to crack down on local governments.  (Something about bathrooms and cross-dressing.) Well, that apparently only applies if sane folks are hassling the liberal counter-culture. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools has dropped a bomb on taxpayers in North…