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#ncga: More evidence of special treatment for Steinburg in Currituck deal?

If you’ve been following this site, you know that state Rep. Bob Steinburg, who represents Currituck County in the NC House and is running to represent them in the Senate,  got $50,000 in county funds with no votes or public discussion on the matter.  The…

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George Soros stooge seeks seat on NC Supreme Court

One only has to look back at the blitz of lawsuits since 2010 to see the power of the judiciary  to wipe out conservative and Republican gains at the ballot box.  Never mind that 70 percent of the state’s voters wanted to codify marriage as…

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#ncpol: Meeting & Greeting SOMEBODY ELSE’S voters

This is Congressman Mark Meadows’s Democrat opponent in November. Could someone please provide him with a map?   This guy is running in the 11th congressional district.  The Sheraton Chapel Hill is in the 4th congressional district. Check out the map below and see if…

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Florence a catalyst for bolstering the welfare state?

That appears to be the thesis for a pastor (and fellow Lumberton native) writing for a site called “Progressive Southern Theologians.” I don’t know the writer, Rev. McLeod, but I do know many members of his immediate and extended family. McLeod’s piece is a real…

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Polls! (Yay.)

A couple of recently released polls may be providing some insight into why certain NCGOPe types are trashing President Trump and, in general, losing it. High Point University has released polling showing the generic ballot matchup, R v. D, for November’s NC House races virtually…

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Richard Hudson: Roy Cooper providing “great leadership”

You  know things aren’t going well when the communications director for the opposing party is trumpeting your comments across the media: Hudson, in case you didn’t know, is a Republican congressman representing the 8th district of North Carolina.  He made these comments during a Fox…

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#ncga: When “special” counsels attack

Well, this didn’t take long. This IS the same person who tried to pick a fight with THIS website a couple of years back. (It appears he’s still trying to go a few rounds with the site in the ring.) Woodcox was convinced then that…

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NCGOPe not so interested in playing nice with conservatives as November looms ahead

The usual post-primary strategy involves reaching out to your former rivals and patching things up as you prep for battle against the other party in the general election.  Some  NCGOPe types are turning that tried-and-true strategy on its head this year. In Moore County,  we…

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We’ve seen this movie before.

It was 1991.  I was working on the Senate side of Capitol Hill while wrapping up my undergrad studies.  The  big excitement — other than  the First Gulf War — was the confirmation hearing of an up-and-coming conservative jurist to the US Supreme Court.  It…

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Top NCGA GOP staffer: Trump is a ‘buffoon’

Yep.  Another textbook example of what the inside-the-beltline crowd thinks of US and OUR president: Mr. Woodcox, esq. is “special counsel” to the North Carolina General Assembly.  More specifically, He serves as an adviser to Speaker Tim Moore and Senate president pro tem Phil Berger….