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#ncpol: Richardson OUT, anthem-kneeling IN in Panther-land

The Carolina Panthers traded a conservative, home-grown owner for a Hillary-loving hedge fund type from the northeast. The new guy has made it clear he’s not interested in building goodwill with the natives down here. Jerry Richardson was a no-nonsense conservative-leaning guy.  That image clashed…

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#ncga: Berger cheers increased spending

I guess the days of bashing Democrats as “big spenders” are over.  The GOPe appears sold on the concept of spending big. We learned recently that NC House Republicans were bashing a Democrat challenger for favoring offsetting increased spending with spending cuts.  Now, we have…

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#ncpol: NC State, NC Spin keeping it “All In The Family”?

(Editor’s Note: By popular demand, we are re-posting this item from October.  Enjoy.) I was feeling a wee bit bored this weekend, so I decided to stream the latest episode of NC Spin on YouTube.  (*Somebody needs to watch it.*) Besides, I had been experiencing…

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#ncpol: Dale Folwell v. BIG HEALTH CARE (Ready to Rumble?)

In the NC House, Dale Folwell demonstrated over and over that he didn’t come to Raleigh to join the clique and make nice.  Here in the age of Trump, Folwell is shaking things up and maintaining that bulldog style from his perch in the state…

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#ncpol: We are seeing the future. (And it looks like Georgia.)

Well, lookee here: The Education Department said Wednesday that it is investigating whether a Georgia school district’s policy allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice created a “hostile environment” for a 5-year-old girl who said she was sexually assaulted in a school…

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#ncpol: House Republican caucus poo-poos concept of spending cuts

There are so many bizarre things happening this political season, I am expecting to start hearing voice-overs from Rod Serling. It wasn’t long ago that General Assembly Republicans were boasting about spending MORE than the Democrats.  Now, we have the House Republican Caucus political operation…

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#ncpol: *Dallas is, um, NOT embarrassing. *

That’s what some NCGOPe types appear to be insinuating amidst their gloating over a Twitter mini-scandal at NC Dem HQ: […] “While I’m sure everyone has said something that they didn’t mean, it’s upsetting and confusing that the NCDP wouldn’t even do a basic screening…

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#ncga: Has Bobby got it in the bag?

(And if so, is it a Donna Karan or Gucci bag?  Inquiring minds want to know.) I’ve heard from more than one Outer Banks voter about the scarcity of Republican US House candidate Bobby Hanig at candidate forums and other public events.  Granted, the guy…

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Fed judge: NC trannies NOT BARRED from opposite-sex restrooms

Any legislator who voted for HB142, the alleged compromise meant to soothe the rabid liberal media and PayPal among others, actually voted to allow dudes who look like ladies to powder their noses right alongside your mom, wife, daughter, sister, or girlfriend. And the LGBTQXYZ…

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NCGOPe all-stars cheer Easley crony’s staying power in Raleigh swamp

Every once in a while we get some evidence that — like in DC — Raleigh, and state government, are run by ONE big government-loving PARTY.  Look at what popped up on Twitter: Dan Gerlach was appointed head of The Golden Leaf Foundation in 2008….