#ncpol: *Dallas is, um, NOT embarrassing. *

That’s what some NCGOPe types appear to be insinuating amidst their gloating over a Twitter mini-scandal at NC Dem HQ:

[…] “While I’m sure everyone has said something that they didn’t mean, it’s upsetting and confusing that the NCDP wouldn’t even do a basic screening process to find this, or potentially worse, they did and didn’t care,” Whiteford said. “The language in these tweets is offensive and inappropriate. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, I would think that the NCDP would take even more care to have the people who represent them be someone that women wouldn’t be ashamed of.”

Wait, WHAT ?????????  Has this young woman forgotten about the unelected cartoon character foisted upon state Republicans (and the rest of us) a few years ago? He can be embarrassing TOO.  To BOTH genders.  An equal opportunity offender. 

Let’s review the record, shall we?

Of course, we have Dallas Woodhouse’s antics throughout the coup against Hassan Harnett.  Locking the man out of his office and computer.  Questioning Harnett’s competence.  And let’s not forget having the nerve to label Harnett a “security risk” — while Woodhouse’s own brother Brad is a high-powered operative for the Clinton and Obama mafias.  

Let’s not forget the multitude of typo-laden and factually-impaired press releases issued from NCGOP during the Woodhouse era.  Remember the Nick Ochsner affair?  Or the Tim Kaine mess?

Let’s not forget Big D’s role in the HB2 sellout.

There’s also this infamous TV interview.  And there was the revelation that Dallas may have been running a dubious political money laundering scheme for Karl Rove.

Oh, and of course THIS TV interview.

And the trespassing actions and party expulsions against Haywood County GOP activists who dared to criticize local RINOs.  (While Richard Vinroot and Bob Orr go untouched for endorsing DEMOCRATS.)

And then there is the lying to folks of the conservative persuasion.  And the weasel words.

Let’s not forget running for re-election with his grandpa claiming fundraising expertise — while shelling out a chunk of change to private fundraising “consultants.”

The libs have been playing the social media-mining game for some time — trying to embarrass conservatives.  It’s good to see it finally blow up in their faces for a change.