Dallas Woodhouse, security risk.

During the coup to oust NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett, the plotters frequently labeled Harnett as a “security risk.”

After evaluating Woodhouse’s performance during and after that affair, one could easily assume one of two things: (1) Woodhouse is a bumbler, or (2) he is engaged in purposeful sabotage.

Oh, we’ve seen plenty of misadventures on his part such as:  HERE,  HERE,  HERE,  HERE, and HERE.

Dallas has spent a bunch of time on-air (Fox and MSNBC) talking politics with his brother Brad, who was implicated by Project Veritas in a scam to hire thugs to beat up old people at Trump rallies.    Oh, they partake in the James Carville-Mary Matalin scam.  You know, close family members in two different parties willing to slug it out for all of us on TV.  Of course, they all go home lovey-dovey after the lights go out and the cameras turn off.  So, the guy who has effectively been running the state GOP has a business arrangement — the TV gig — with his brother, a leader in the George Soros hard-left praetorian guard.  (*And HASAN was a security risk.*)

Dallas, for the last year or so, pranced around Raleigh proclaiming himself as “the governor’s man” and passing himself off as a key component in the reelection of the governor and the chief justice to the Supreme Court.  Both reelections were bungled badly.  During the campaign, Dallas and his grandpa took several opportunities to cheap-shot Trump.  But Trump still won.  Things would have been a lot worse — talk to insiders who saw the internal polling — if not for the strength of the Trump wave in the state.  Yet, the Raleigh clique is cooing over Dallas and his grandpa and looking to give them two more years at the helm of the state GOP.

Many of us have been doing yeoman’s work beating back the barbarians trying to force the trannies into the ladies room.  Yet, Dallas, his grandpa, and a number of other members of the NCGOPe ruling clique are bending over backwards to weaken or do away with the law we’ve fought so hard to defend.  Here’s the latest release from Dallas’s operation at NCGOP HQ:

So, THIS is the NCGOP agenda?  Figure out a way to kill a bill the GOP fought to pass so that trannies can — after all — hang out in the ladies restrooms and locker rooms of North Carolina?

It’s either bumbling or purposeful sabotage.  You folks make the call. 


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  1. Ummmmmmmm…….Wonderful that this was pointed out, but certainly not an epiphany. The likes of Woodhouse, Robin Hayes, John Bell, and Jimmy Dixon are poor examples of what conservatives should lo9k, talk, and certainly act like. Men who have a very vested interest in doing away with the jobs, and tax base of commercial fishing. The true conservatives in this state need to stand up, and draw the line. An unimaginable backlash is subject to ensue, if the leadership doesn’t whip the RINOS. Cooper’s own AG appointee to the MFC consistently pointed out ethics law violations within the MFC, and what was done? A whole lot of nothing.

    1. Understanding the situation and knowing what you’re talking about are two components of true leadership. Dixon is a case in point. A friend of mine was at a fundraiser last fall when Dixon was asked if McCrory would win. He point-blank stated that McCrory was going to cruise to re-election. That he and the other legislators were completely blind to the fact that an unorganized coalition of former McCrory supporters (anti-toll roaders, SCV-ers, fishermen, etc.) were about to hand McCrory his walking papers, suggests that these House caucus leaders are totally oblivious to what is going on in their Party.

  2. They strained to appear as if they were on the Trump train. They obviously WERE not. They obviously ARE not. So, can it not be concluded that they are “running with the wrong crowd?”
    Browny Douglas

    1. Browny,

      It never ceases to amaze me how politicians can talk so right, and then go and act so wrong. Are they born with no conscience, or do they have to work on it?


  3. The real issue here is who – if anyone – authorized Woodhouse to make this liberal policy statement on HB2?

    The GOP is divided on this issue between those with strong principles and a rigid backbone who stand firm to protect the privacy and safety of our women and little girls on one hand and the spineless sellouts who want to cave in to the liberals and special interests on the other. Woodhouse’s press release positions the NCGOP party structure on the side of the latter. The question, again, is who – if anyone – authorized him to do that?

    Official party positions on issues can be taken several ways. The state convention can adopt them in the form of resolutions or the platform, The state executive committee can adopt them by resolution, It is clear that those routes were NOT taken in this instance. The central committee can also adopt them by resolution. Did they do that here?

    The state chairman has been known to take a personal position as chairman, but the executive director is not the chairman. He is merely the hired help. Also, Woodhouse took this position not as him personally but on behalf of the party.

    The question boils down to whether the central committee authorized Woodhouse to take this position on HB2, or whether Woodhouse up and did it on his own. If the latter, he is way out of line and should be sacked immediately.

    This issue should follow every central committee member, starting with the District chairmen as new party officials are elected. Any central committee member who authorized this liberal sell out in the party’s name should be kicked out of office next month when they come up again for reelection. If Woodhouse did this on his own with no authorization, then any central committee who fails to act to fire Woodhouse also needs to be kicked out of office.

    Party members need to take names and kick ass on this issue. We should not tolerate arrogant party insiders selling out the GOP base on an important issue. Ask this issue of all District Chairmen. Any whose fingerprints are on this fiasco need to be defeated in April.

    Woodhouse needs to come on here and answer the question of who, if anyone, authorized him to take this liberal position on this issue. The ED’s job is to keep the balls in the air at HQ, not make policy for the party.

    If the Central Committee adopted a resolution taking a sellout position on HB2, then we need to know which way each member voted.

    Brant, maybe the Haymaker could call the NCGOP press person and ask directly who authorized Woodhouse to make this statement in the name of the party. Their answer would be very interesting, as would their refusal to answer.

    1. According to a reliable source, the Central Committee has NOT adopted a position in favor of selling out on HB2. So why is the hired help claiming that is the party position? This is clearly Dallas Woodhouse’s own little red wagon, and he is way out of line here. He is taking a position in the name of the party that is contrary to that of our highest NC elected official, Lt. Gov, Dan Forest and of many GOP legislators and party officials, and doing it all of his own accord. This should absolutely NOT be tolerated. Woodhouse needs to be terminated immediately. This is just too egregious.

      Any Central Committee who tolerates Woodhouse remaining in his position after abusing it to falsely tell the media that the NCGOP has a policy position, when in has not in fact adopted that position should also be replaced with someone who will crack the whip on party employees wrongfully playing their own game with their party position.

      Woodhouse seems to regard himself as a reality TV star instead of a mundane party employee. He needs to be replaced with someone who correctly understands the functions of the ED position, which Woodhouse clearly does NOT. Woodhouse has been on an ego and power trip since he has been in the position, which is unhealthy for the party.

      In the upcoming party conventions at district and state level, Woodhouse should be hung around the neck of his supporters and the lot of them should be replaced..

  4. Precisely why I left the party after last years state convention. In addition, Washington and other founders warned of the danger of “Parties”… Regardless of what the rank and file are told, the ones in control always seek more power. Precisely why our self proclaimed conservative reps refuse to repeal Obammy care. Screw the GOP, they don’t represent the Constitution, Individual Liberty or a Republican form of Government!!!

    In Liberty,


  5. Definitely could see they were not for Trump and I would NOT trust any of them for anything. I once was proud Republican. They have turned me independent

  6. I left the inside track of the NCGOP voluntarily because the elitist controlling central committee would not give a inch of their imagined power to others just as deserving or more so. The policy of “our way or hit the highway” wasn’t working just plain arrogance.
    The NCGOP Central Committee was then and still is held hostage by establishment elites Zan Bunn, Joyce Cotton, Robin Hayes and unfortunately several others are still there. They just won’t give up the ghost.

    Many loyal Republicans as myself I know left serving the Republican Party as county chairs, vice chairs, precinct chairs and more. Top leadership use the party as their own private, self serving organization. In reality no outsiders have been or will ever be welcomed unless changes to leadership are made.

    As proven Robin Hayes, Dallas Woodhouse and the other ego driven bluebloods (LOL) have cost NC a governorship and supreme court seat. Unless forced out completely in any capacity the NCGOP will remain stagnate and will continue choking on their own political vomit.

    As promised with the election of Donald Trump it’s time to drain the NCGOP swamp.

  7. Raynor,

    I often think, how in the hell can some people come to the insane conclusions that they do. Are they mentally disturbed? Are they being threatened? Are they hallucinating? Are they being $enticed$? I do not know. However, as nice a way as I know how to explain it is that their God given ability to reason RIGHT from WRONG has never fully matured. So, I would say that their conscience cannot be engaged because of of their inability of input to the thought process.

  8. Dallas Woodhouse is a treasure that North Carolina is lucky to have. That is why the committee I chaired maneuvered him into the position as Executive Director.

    We in the GOP establishment all worship Karl Rove, so getting a disciple of Uncle Karl as our Executive Director was downright heavenly. Prior to his job with us, Dallas ran Karl Rove’s front group that was backing Thom Tillis, called Carolina Rising. All of Carolina Rising;s money came from another Rove organization, and their political spending all went through a consulting firm that was part of the Rove network. We in NC are just so lucky to have a Karl Rove guy as our Executive Director.

    The Central Committee wanted to clip the wings of the elected chairman Hasan Harnett and transfer power to our golden boy Dallas. With our help Dallas set Hasan in the corner to raise money while Dallas assumed the real power in the party. Even when Hasan wanted to do a press conference, Dallas never bothered to even schedule them, and sometimes even took Hasan’s material and did a press conference or press release as Executive Director.

    We knew this could never last, and Hasan would eventually go to the Executive Committee to restore his true powers, so we had got the jump on him by having the husband of another Central Committee member use his business associate Ken Robol concoct a fairy tale against Hasan to try to sway enough of the Executive Committee to vote to get rid of him. By scheduling the meeting when we knew Hasan would be out of the country and unable to be pr3esent to defend himself, we were able to pull it off and put total power into the hands of our wonderful Dallas. Replacing Hasan with someone who is clearly past it like Robin Hayes lets Dallas remain in full control.

    Dallas did a great job as Karl Rove’s front man for Thom Tillis. Now, if he wants to be Thom Tillis’ front man within the NCGOP, that is just fine with us.

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