Lefty logic: Protecting privacy = #fakechristian

I’ve always maintained that tax returns are one huge violation of privacy rights.  It’s one thing to have nameless and faceless bureaucrats poring over every bit of your financial business. It’s another thing to have ALL of your financial business broadcast across the drive by media.

I don’t care how much you’ve made or who you’ve made it from — outside of government service.  When you are in public service, the people putting cash in your pocket need some scrutiny.  All for the sake of trying to prevent or root out paid-off cops, judges, legislators or Members of Congress.  

I don’t care how much Donald Trump made prior to being sworn in as President.  I don’t care how much Barry Obama made before he got sworn in.  THAT was his private business.

Donald Trump is a unique political animal.  When he took office, he had more money than he could possibly ever spend.  He doesn’t need another dime.  Waving cash in front of him could hardly “buy” him off.  (He already has plenty.) You can simply look around to see all kinds of evidence of the fruits of his labor. 

You likely have to go back to JFK to find a chief executive who came into office so financially set.

Give the government an inch, and they take A MILE.  Publicizing Trump’s tax returns from his private sector days opens the door to publicizing yours and mine.

The Democrats are not hollering about Trump’s tax returns because they are worried about him being bought off.  It’s dumpster-diving — on a grander scale than what WRAL serves up to us every day.  It’s looking for something — hoping to find something — to smear in the man’s face.  

Apparently, Mark Meadows utilized some common sense and decency in voting against Democrat efforts to publicly release the Trump tax returns.  Here’s how a spokeswoman for the peace-and-love crowd reacted to Meadows’s vote:

#FakeChristian, eh?  Defending someone against jack-booted bullies is fake christian?

If we could harness the white-hot burning hatred in these people, we could power the entire state of North Carolina and put Duke out of business.