#ncga: Has Bobby got it in the bag?

(And if so, is it a Donna Karan or Gucci bag?  Inquiring minds want to know.)

I’ve heard from more than one Outer Banks voter about the scarcity of Republican US House candidate Bobby Hanig at candidate forums and other public events.  Granted, the guy has some notoriety already as chairman of the Currituck County commissioners.  AND he performed the rare feat of knocking off a legislative incumbent in May.

But there are still a lot of voters out there who haven’t been represented by the man.  And he’s taken some heat for his role in Bob Steinburg’s sketchy basketball scandal in Currituck County. 

At the last campaign reporting deadline, Hanig’s campaign was broke. 

And there was the thing where Hanig announced his opposition to offshore drilling because “everybody already has a job.”

In this crazy political environment, it’s quite a risky move to put yourself in cruise control mode.  Though, here’s what at least one political mover-and-shaker in the area tells me is on the political grapevine in the district:

“People are asking Hanig why he is not showing up at stuff.  He laughs and tells them he has this thing in the bag. He says the Republican Party has done polling showing him up by twenty points.”

Interesting.  His Democrat opponent this year is Dare County’s Tess Judge.  In  2016, while filling in for her husband who died while campaigning, she got just over 48 percent of the vote against Beverly Boswell.

According to state elections officials, House district 6 has 23930 Democrats, 301 Libertarians, 18338 Republicans, and 19503 Unaffiliated.

How wise is it to be giving the Judge campaign bulletin board material?

I seem to remember a story from my childhood about a tortoise and a hare …

17 thoughts on “#ncga: Has Bobby got it in the bag?

  1. This is an R+11 district. It would take an exceptionally bad candidate or an exceptionally bad campaign to lose it.

    Hanig is showing up for things in distant Pamlico County, but that is not in the media market that has had coverage of the Steinburg basketball controversy, so he is highly unlikely to be confronted on that issue in Pamlico County.

  2. Puffed up Pee Wee Herman. His dirty dealings with Steinburg should give Tess an edge. Dare wants someone from Dare in Raleigh.

  3. I worked with Tess on the RIHA (The Lost Colony board of directors)
    and I can honestly say she’s a decent hard working person who cares about Dare County. Hanig is a puppet of dishonest Bob Steinburg and the butt boy of Bob “The Taxman” Woodard. While I’m a very conservative Trump Republican, I still support Tess Judge. She cares about Dare County.

    1. Tess Judge is a flaming liberal. I might see sitting out the race, but NOT voting for Judge. Hanig is a disappointment as a candidate, but voting for a liberal is just beyond the pale.

      I think that is true in any race where we are stuck with bad GOP candidates. If you cannot hold your nose for the bad Republican, at least sit the race out. Don’t vote for the liberal Democrat. There is no such thing as a conservative or even a moderate Democrat any more. That breed is extinct..

    2. Having lived too close to Ed Danko I must say God help his new neighbors and the state of Florida. I seriously doubt Charles Krauthammer could have correctly diagnosed the mental abnormalities of this individual. Evidently forty years of being a big time liberal (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC) news reporter breeds a strangeness that leads to no good.
      Our entire neighborhood thanks God the Republican Party in Dare County saw fit to rid themselves of him which hopefully will lock his path to the U.S. Congress. That truthfully was his admitted goal. So glad he is no longer able to vote forTess Judgr. I am told she was of generous financial aid to Obama.

      1. First, I’ve always been a Conservative Republican. My first vote when I was 18 was for Richard Nixon. I was one of the few Conservative Republicans in the main stream media. Second, get your facts right, I quit the RINO liberal corrupt Dare GOP. Third, grow some balls and sign your name to your comments.

  4. Skip the labels and vote for the person who will be best for our district and for North Carolina. Haven’t we had enough of this legislative partisanship? The current leadership doesn’t care about our district – they just care about consolidating power and their role at the national level.

    Tess Judge wants to reach across that divide and work with both sides to get stuff done! Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

    1. Tess Judge is an Obama Democrat. This “reaching across the aisle” stuff is horsehockey. What her strength is comes from a lot of swing voters in Dare County wanting a legislator from Dare, and they are unfortunately not so fussy about ideology when it comes to their having a local legislator.. Steinburg talking Hanig into this primary challenge, which was based on pure personal spite, was a very bad move that may cost the GOP two legislative seats.

      Republicans could have sealed the deal in November by nominating Dare County Republicans for both seats, but may now pay the price for not nominating at least one of them. The only Dare County candidate on the November ballot for the legislature is ultra liberal Democrat Tess Judge, who we do NOT need in the legislature.

      Beverly Boswell would have held this seat. She lost the primary due to 1) liberal Unaffiliated voters being able to intrude into our GOP primary, and 2) a below the belt last minute hit piece personally smearing her from Hanig. The district may still go to Hanig since it is so Republican, but that is now up in the air and it should not be.

  5. Bobby doesn’t stand a chance. At this point I figure he never cared about winning. He was just acting as an opponent to the conservative Beverly Boswell whom the media and rinos in Dare county loathed. Tess will take this one

    1. Bobby was the hand picked puppet of Dare County RINO Bob “The Taxman” Woodard, or “Rooster” as most call him. Rooster hated Boswell and this was his revenge. Bobby is simply Rooster’s mini-me, or butt boy. Tess could never beat Boswell, but she will mop the floor with Bobby.

  6. It’s clear Bobby doesnt care about winning the race. He was likely propped up by the Dare county rinos and local GOP that wanted Conservative Beverly Boswell out at all cost. Tess will take this race handily

  7. This not showing up isn’t isolated to Bobby. His partner in crime Steinburg only shows up when he feels the room is stacked in his favor. They are both extremely fearful of being asked questions from the constituents they claim they want to represent. The last thing we need is more cronies in Raleigh.
    Tess Judge shows up, fields the questions from citizens and answers them honestly. She has an impeccable background in the community, and is the only candidate who truly understands the industry that moves district 6.
    I personally don’t want someone in charge who will be a pay to play crook.

    1. When you have an Obama liberal like Tess Judge, it is better if she does not show up. Bobby Hanig may be no prize, but Tess Judge is another Nancy Pelosi. I could understand someone sitting this race out, but NOT voting for Obama liberal Tess Judge.

      1. When are folks going to get over Obama? Feelings really are hurt over his presidency! What in the world do Obama and Pelosi have to do with district 6 house seat in the state of North Carolina. If you actually do correlate Tess Judge’s NC House District Candidate position to that of Nancy Pelosi’s (US House) seat, and Obama’s (retired) status, please do stay home this election, because it’s obvious you lack the understanding of political positions and powers.

        1. Judge and her husband were major contributors of the campaign of the far left Obama and share the same far left ideology. Obama led America’s lurch to the left and the Judges supported that lurch.

          If you are a supporter of the authoritarian leftist Obama, you are the one who needs to stay the heck out of American politics. Lots of groupies from the Obama faction are still quite active in American politics and Tess Judge is one of them.

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