#ncga: Has Bobby got it in the bag?

(And if so, is it a Donna Karan or Gucci bag?  Inquiring minds want to know.)

I’ve heard from more than one Outer Banks voter about the scarcity of Republican US House candidate Bobby Hanig at candidate forums and other public events.  Granted, the guy has some notoriety already as chairman of the Currituck County commissioners.  AND he performed the rare feat of knocking off a legislative incumbent in May.

But there are still a lot of voters out there who haven’t been represented by the man.  And he’s taken some heat for his role in Bob Steinburg’s sketchy basketball scandal in Currituck County. 

At the last campaign reporting deadline, Hanig’s campaign was broke. 

And there was the thing where Hanig announced his opposition to offshore drilling because “everybody already has a job.”

In this crazy political environment, it’s quite a risky move to put yourself in cruise control mode.  Though, here’s what at least one political mover-and-shaker in the area tells me is on the political grapevine in the district:

“People are asking Hanig why he is not showing up at stuff.  He laughs and tells them he has this thing in the bag. He says the Republican Party has done polling showing him up by twenty points.”

Interesting.  His Democrat opponent this year is Dare County’s Tess Judge.  In  2016, while filling in for her husband who died while campaigning, she got just over 48 percent of the vote against Beverly Boswell.

According to state elections officials, House district 6 has 23930 Democrats, 301 Libertarians, 18338 Republicans, and 19503 Unaffiliated.

How wise is it to be giving the Judge campaign bulletin board material?

I seem to remember a story from my childhood about a tortoise and a hare …