NCGOPe all-stars cheer Easley crony’s staying power in Raleigh swamp

Every once in a while we get some evidence that — like in DC — Raleigh, and state government, are run by ONE big government-loving PARTY.  Look at what popped up on Twitter:

Dan Gerlach was appointed head of The Golden Leaf Foundation in 2008.  Golden Leaf was established as a result of the tobacco lawsuit settlements to help farmers and their communities recover from the obliteration of the federal tobacco program.  Sadly, it has turned into yet another organ of crony capitalism primarily benefiting donors to Raleigh politicians.

Dan Gerlach is a huge honkin’ liberal.  Until 2001, Gerlach headed up the NC Budget & Tax Center — an integral component of the Fitzsimon & Schofield socialism-implementation and propaganda empire.  In 2002, he became Governor Mike Easley’s top finance adviser.  In 2008, as Easley was slithering out of town under a cloud of scandal, Gerlach landed on his feet at Golden Leaf, where he still sits.

An unrepentant liberal directing a shameful piece of government-affiliated crony capitalism. One would think conservatives seeking to clean up the Raleigh swamp would want Gerlach’s wings clipped, Golden Leaf reformed, and Gerlach seeking honest employment elsewhere.

But, no.  Look at the LIKEs on Gerlach’s celebratory and self-congratulatory tweet:  The John William Pope Foundation, John Hood, Becki Gray of The John Locke Foundation, Phil Berger adviser Jim Blaine, and  state Rep. John Bell.  In other words, key players in the Art Pope mafia, the Republican majority leader in the NC House, and another key player in the legislative building.

John Hood is showing more courtesy to this liberal Democrat operative than he does to President Donald Trump.

It’s all kabuki theatre. A bunch of acting to make us little people think they are fighting for us, when in reality they are frantically and passionately scratching each other’s backs. 

5 thoughts on “NCGOPe all-stars cheer Easley crony’s staying power in Raleigh swamp

  1. John Locke Foundation and Carolina Journal bashed the snot out of the corrupt and cronyist Golden LEAF when it was under the control of Black, Basnight and Easley – now you don’t hear a peep from them about it now that Repubs get to appoint its board members.


    Note how the critical stories ended around 2011, when Bev left:

  2. Once the Republicans got power, the entire Pope cabal just laid down and rested on their laurels. No one even knows what they do these days. Well, other than bash Trump on Facebook. So productive.

  3. John Hood is either a confused intellectual who does not comprehend practical politics or he is a liberal plant trying to undermine conservatism in NC from within. When was the last time you heard of him doing ANYTHING conservative?

  4. The Pope Foundation is now even less credible than a letter from the widow of the Nigerian Oil minister. Not only does the “swamp” need draining but those that call themselves political consultants in NC need retiring and sent to the trash heap. They are nothing but opportunist.

  5. At least the biggest crook in NC history, Tony Rand, is now head of the lottery commission….you know, that lottery that he pushed thru with the help of his convicted felon buddies, Mr Black and Geddings.

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