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Misplaced outrage over l’affaire Gerlach

  If you caught NC Spin this week, or read the driveby media,  you saw and heard a whole lot of self-righteous outrage about the events which led to the resignation of interim ECU chancellor Dan Gerlach. Chris Fitzsimon was one of the loudest complainers…

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NCGOPe all-stars cheer Easley crony’s staying power in Raleigh swamp

Every once in a while we get some evidence that — like in DC — Raleigh, and state government, are run by ONE big government-loving PARTY.  Look at what popped up on Twitter: Dan Gerlach was appointed head of The Golden Leaf Foundation in 2008….

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Easley, Perdue toadie still thriving in state govt in McCrory era

Dan Gerlach has been a major player in North Carolina Democrat circles for some time.  He was a senior adviser to former Gov. Mike Easley (D) and former Gov. Bev Perdue.  Former state senate president president pro tem Marc Basnight (D) and Easley (D) orchestrated…