Richard Hudson: Roy Cooper providing “great leadership”

You  know things aren’t going well when the communications director for the opposing party is trumpeting your comments across the media:

Hudson, in case you didn’t know, is a Republican congressman representing the 8th district of North Carolina.  He made these comments during a Fox News interview.

I don’t remember Democrats giving Pat McCrory this kind of love for Matthew.  Again, it goes back to Republicans bringing knives to a gunfight.

In any event, politicians can’t do much more than what you or I could do to help with storm recovery.  The real people to salute are first responders out there rescuing people and the utility crews trying to get people back online.  Neighbors and church congregations providing food and shelter to those in the community who have lost everything to the flood waters.

7 thoughts on “Richard Hudson: Roy Cooper providing “great leadership”

  1. Richard Hudson needs a primary from a real Republican.

    But he is not the first establishment type to give an assist to Roy Cooper. In 2012, when Cooper was vulnerable from the SBI scandal, the NCGOPe failed to run a Republican against him for Attorney General. This was on Robin Hayes watch, and it was the first time in over a century that Republicans failed to run a candidate for Attorney General. Robin Hayes need to answer why he gave Cooper that free pass. Was it incompetence or colllusion? We also need a new NCGOP chairman.

  2. Aw, GOPe types don’t bring knives to a gunfight with Democrats; they bring pillows. But, they come fully armed to a fight with conservatives.

  3. Disaster recovery goes much better when politicians forget about the R or D after their names and simply do their jobs. Sounds like that’s what Rep. Hudson and Gov. Cooper are “guilty” of doing here — their jobs. Politicians working together to better the state — what an awfully silly thing to complain about when people are homeless and before the flood waters have even receded.

    1. You forget the politics of embracing the bad guys. Gov. Krispy Kreme Christie is credited with reelecting Obama with his embrace of him after Hurricane Sandy. Obama was trailing in the polls until they got palsy.

      There is a line in a disaster where one drops any partisan bickering, but it does not extend to the level of embracing the opponent the way Christie or Hudson did.

  4. Disaster recovery goes better when the politicians worry less about the R or D after their names and more about the people who are suffering. These guys are just doing their job. What a strange thing to complain about, but speaks to where your priorities lie — partisan warfare all day every day…

    1. But those with any political savvy whatsoever do not hand them quotes or photos that they can use in the next election. Hudson just did that.

  5. I guess if you define leadership as having a press conference every 30 minutes to say the exact same thing then Ol’ Roy is the best leader of all time. I am sooo tired of seeing his silly face all over the place sounding like Forrest Gump. I guess disaster press conferences are the only occasions he has to get himself out of that corner and look like he is actually doing something. For me seeing him was more traumatizing than the storm winds.

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