We’ve seen this movie before.

It was 1991.  I was working on the Senate side of Capitol Hill while wrapping up my undergrad studies.  The  big excitement — other than  the First Gulf War — was the confirmation hearing of an up-and-coming conservative jurist to the US Supreme Court.  It looked like smooth sailing for the nominee until a woman came out of the woodwork with some tawdry years-old allegations.

It sounds like we’re talking about 2018 and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.  But, no, that was Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearing.  Thomas, only the second black justice to serve on the high court. had his reputation run through the mud by congressional Democrats and their comrades among the liberal interest groups.  Rumors abounded — and made the nightly news and morning paper headlines — despite a lack of ANY evidence.

Justice Thomas was hit with allegations dating back to a previous job during his adult life.  Judge Kavanaugh is being hit with allegations dating back to his time in high school as a minor living with his parents.

Of course, the usual RINO suspects are ducking and covering and seeking a delay on a vote on Kavanaugh.  It’s amazing.  The Democrats — allegedly the party of peace and love and compassion — always show up to fight loaded for bear.  Republicans, on the other hand, have a shameful history of bringing knives to gunfights.

So, Ruth Bader Ginsburgs, Sonia Sotomayors and Elena Kagans sail through their confirmations under GOP majorities.  But Clarence Thomases and Brett Kavanaughs get the living hell beat out of them with little help from senators from the very party of the president that nominated them. 

Diane Feinstein – also a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee – has been employing a Chinese spy in her office for aeons.  But here we are all wrapped up in what Judge Kavanaugh may or may not have done at a high school kegger THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO. 

In my book, anything you may have done while in high school — that did not injure or kill anyone or cause serious property damage — can be rightly dismissed as stupidity.  There’s quite a stupidity epidemic raging among American teens.  Many of them get cured right about age 20 or so.  (Unfortunately, many do not.)

Judge Kavanaugh and I are about the same age.  I’ve encountered people on social media, and in person, who try to tell me that we (a) hung out in high school, and (b) had some awesome adventures / experiences together.  And I don’t remember any of it. 

You may be able to chalk it up to being middle-aged.  Or maybe they have me confused with someone else.

Can you imagine having to talk in detail NOW about events during a specific Friday or Saturday night from your high school days three decades ago ???

Just as with the Clarence Thomas debacle, it’s a travesty to throw decades old allegations of misconduct out there with no supporting evidence.  I see some of the same people who vociferously defended Bill Clinton from his accusers giving what-for to Judge Kavanaugh. And Clinton’s victims could actually back up their claims. 

I’ll have to admit, I was indifferent to Kavanaugh when he was first nominated.  But after seeing what’s being done to him, he needs to be sitting up there with Clarence & the gang.

If someone believes criminal conduct occurred, they need to file a report with the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Trials were not meant to be carried out via the news media.

Slandering someone because you disagree with them on the issues is the real crime here.

2 thoughts on “We’ve seen this movie before.

  1. About this movie.

    What about our Christian principles that should apply. Has anyone stood up and said this is not Christian behavior.
    I cannot believe the “devoid of any religion” crowd is leading the Constitutionists and Christians around by the nose.

    Just say no!

  2. This is clearly a made up partisan ambush right out of the Dishonest Democrat playbook. The accuser is a leftwing California college professor, and her very occupation tells you she is a partisan shill. Then she hires an extremely partisan lawyer to represent her, a lawyer who actively supported Al Franken in his sexual misconduct and Bill Clinton in his sexual misconduct, which just reeks of partisan conspiracy. Then there is the timing, and Senator Diane Frankenstein ; ; ; err . . . Feinstein sitting on it for months to pop it in at the point in time it will be most politically disruptive.

    This is the typical Democrat smear, an accusation from ancient times with no way to prove or disprove, only one person’s word against another, and the Democrats insisiting that their character assassin is the one who should be believed.

    Meanwhile, you have Democrats with much more contemporary wrongs against women that the Democrats want to sweep the charges under the rug and continue to support those slimy liberals. Their propaganda section, America’s Lying LIberal Media, does their bidding, refusing to mention the Democrats with women problems and blowing the Democrat character assassination against Republicans out of all proportion.

    Take Keith Ellison, the Democrat’s national vice chairman, and their nominee for Attorney General of Minnesota. Ellison’s former girlfriend has come forward on the physical and mental abuse she suffered from Ellison, and produced medical records to back it up. But we get crickets from Democrats in Congress and the Democrat media.

    Or take liberal Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey. The European press reported on Menendez and his sex tourism jaunts to the Dominican Republic, where he patronized under age prostitutes. A major British newspaper even published an interview with one of those under age prostitutes who serviced Menendez and his party. But the Democrat media in America hushed this up, and no one in DC breathes a word about it. Shamefull!

    The charges on Menendez and Ellison are much more recent, much more serious, and much more provable, but they are ignored and the blatant character assassination on Judge Kavanaugh is what is focused on.

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