Top NCGA GOP staffer: Trump is a ‘buffoon’

Yep.  Another textbook example of what the inside-the-beltline crowd thinks of US and OUR president:

Mr. Woodcox, esq. is “special counsel” to the North Carolina General Assembly.  More specifically, He serves as an adviser to Speaker Tim Moore and Senate president pro tem Phil Berger.

Actually, Rush had an excellent piece on the whole 3000 deaths claim the other day.  Apparently, that was based on some kind of computer model produced by leftists, and not by any actual on-site research.  

A few years back — one Friday night — someone posting on Twitter as “Brent Woodcox” challenged this website (not me, the website) to a fistfight.  It was trash-talking galore.  My minion who helps monitor the Twitter feed initially IDed the tweeter to me as “Brad Woodhouse” —  Dallas’s brother.  (I was more than eager to accept that challenge.)

I saw the tweets, and laughed at them.  in hindsight, I should have taken  screenshots.  I went back sometime later to attempt screenshots and they were gone.

If Berger and Moore are taking advice from someone who pops off like this on Twitter,  the NCGOP is in more trouble in November than we thought.  GOP losses on Jones Street will have nothing to do with Donald Trump.  They will be the result of voter disgust with politicians who adopted the same corrupt habits we threw out of office in 2010.  They will be the result of people campaigning as conservative but governing as big-spending statists once in office.  They will be the result of incompetence within a state GOP organization that never really understood or appreciated the gift the voters gave them in 2010 and 2012.


10 thoughts on “Top NCGA GOP staffer: Trump is a ‘buffoon’

  1. Woodcox may have been hacked. If he was, he needs to disown this tweet AND prove he was hacked. Otherwise, he needs to be removed from his position. This is just unacceptable. It is backstabbing the GOP on the eve of a key election.

  2. That we’ll lose the super-majority (hope I’m wrong, but….) is practically baked in, and is a direct result of a NCGOP so corrupt, it doesn’t obey it’s own rules any more. The scale and degree of this corruption will be apparent to all next year, when after having lost the Governor’s Mansion, the NC Supreme Court, and now the legislative super majority on his watch, we’ll see the same leadership re-installed after a mob of bought-and-paid-for delegates arrive at the State convention to help maintain the status quo. And the continued epic incompetence of the NCGOP could cost Trump the state in 2020.

  3. The GOP would rather lose the 2018 election. It will be much easier for them to fundraise and lie about all the stuff they won’t be doing.

  4. There are not two distinct political parties they’re both the same party! Now if somebody could be so kind as to tell me what they think the process of voting has done in this country since March 9th 1933? Has voting made us a free or country? Has voting restored the constitutional republic? Has voting reduce taxes? Has a boating Express the true will of the American people or shall I say sheeple? Just exactly what do you think happens when you go into your little voting booth, what seems to happen is the day after the elections is simply another Groundhog Day another perpetuation of the status quo in which the General Public has no say so or voice at all! Does anybody care to argue this point? Therefore I say this concerning voting in the words of Albert Einstein voting is repeating the same mistakes over again respect expecting different results this constitutes the classical definition of insanity! Questions class???

  5. This has now been up for over a day, with no denials and no assertions of hacking, either by the principle or a surrogate. It is well known that this site is monitored at the NCGA and at NCGOPe headquarters. We must therefore presume that Woodcos did this and that he stands by it.

    The big question, then, is why does he still have a job at this point?

    If he continues to have a job, the question will become why do Timmy Moore and Phil Berger still have leadership jobs? If Woodcox stays in place after this backstabbing, then the grassroots need to press our local legislators for new GOP leadership at the NCGA.

  6. During Trumps visit to Conway SC today the glowing admiration for him, from the Governor down, was VERY apparent and VERY genuine. Deservedly so. It appears SC is Trumped up from top to bottom. I do not and have not seen that like indication here in NC. Something is wrong in Raleigh. What say you Mr Woodcox? Can you not effectively defend yourself?

    Grassroots GOP needs to ROAR! The POTUS needs to know that us plebes
    have his back.

    Browny Douglas

    1. The silence from Woodcox, and also from his bosses Moore and Berger is deafening. This insult to our president and our party should not be allowed to stand. Where are Hayes and Woodhouse?

  7. Face it Woodcox is another “legend in his own mind” arrogant jerk. His claim to fame he advises two other “legends in their own minds” bigger jerks.
    I hope in a way Woodcox’s predicted tweets come true. In that case both Tim Moore and Phil Berger lose their jobs one way or another.

  8. N.C. GOP leadership is lacking. If we are to be credible that void must be filled by grassroots leadership.

  9. Woodcox is clueless. One wonders why Berger and Moore hired such a clueless buffoon as this.

    Off year elections are won or lost by turning out your base. Polls show that support for President Trump is a valuable tool for turning out the GOP base. Does Woodcox have a death wish for the GOP majority in kicking in the teeth our best tool for turning our vote out in November?

    If we look at the lead anchors that are making turning out our base more difficult, they all come from blunders or failures by Congress or the legislature. Perhaps Woodcox himself participated in some of those blunders.

    The big one from Congress is the failure to repeal Obamacare, but the legislature has also done things to discourage the GOP base.

    One important constituency group of the GOP is gun rights supporters, but the GOP deep sixed an important gun rights bill in the last session, leading one major gun rights group to stage a “Rally Against RINOs” in Raleigh. It took great effort to get that bill passed by the House, but then Berger and company bottled it up in committee in the Senate. There is not a lot of trust in the current GOP legislative leadership by gun rights supporters.

    Then there are Christian conservatives. The treacherous sellout on repealing bathroom / shower room privacy legislation (HB2) still causes major heartburn among Christian conservatives, and again there is not a lot of trust by them for the current GOP legislative leadership.

    Berger and Moore have betrayed the GOP platform with their pandering to the Big Solar and Big Wind special interests. There are quite a few local groups of mostly conservatives around the state fighting to stop local solar of wind projects, and these imbeciles in Raleigh have burned their bridges with those folks.

    If we lose seats in Raleigh, it will not be because of Trump. It will be because of Moore and Berger and their repeated sellouts on Republican principles that turn off important GOP constituency groups within our state.

    The solid GOP special election win this week in a Texas state senate district that has been held by Democrats for 139 years straight shows that the Trump effect is positive not negative:

    Woodcox needs a pink slip and he needs it yesterday.

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