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We’ve seen this movie before.

It was 1991.  I was working on the Senate side of Capitol Hill while wrapping up my undergrad studies.  The  big excitement — other than  the First Gulf War — was the confirmation hearing of an up-and-coming conservative jurist to the US Supreme Court.  It…

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#ncpol: Rip Van Morrill vs. Clarence Thomas

Somebody needs to wake Jim Morrill up and tell him it is no longer 1991.  Yes, dear readers, 27 years after the fact — The Charlotte Observer’s Jim Morrill is trying to derail the career of Clarence Thomas.  He penned a lazy piece of tripe…

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Clarence Thomas NAILS IT in TX abortion dissent

George H.W. Bush;’s one term as president was quite the downer.  But one of the best things he did was standing by — and fighting for — the elevation of Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court.  Thomas took quite a beating to get there….

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Why are lefties so scared of Art Pope?

Moore County’s waaaaaay-too-bipartisan former legislator SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™  railed against him  and had his allies blast him publicly in ads and letters to the editor.   SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™ even went after him via the legal system.  Leftists all over the blogosphere derisively refer to him as “The Puppetmaster” and…