George Soros stooge seeks seat on NC Supreme Court

One only has to look back at the blitz of lawsuits since 2010 to see the power of the judiciary  to wipe out conservative and Republican gains at the ballot box.  Never mind that 70 percent of the state’s voters wanted to codify marriage as being exclusively between a man and a woman.  Find the right leftist ideologue in a black robe and — Voilà!  The will of the people is struck down. 

In 2016, in no small part to foul-ups at the top of NCGOP ranks, liberals earned a one-vote majority on the state Supreme Court.  Anita Earls, founder of something called The Southern Coalition for Social Justice, is on the ballot this year seeking to  put the coup de grace on any hopes of further conservative decisions out of the state’s high court.

Earls is getting some help — thanks to a Democrat lawyer who filed for the race as a Republican.  So now, voters can choose between Democrat Earls, Republican incumbent Barbara Jackson, and “Republican” Chris Anglin.  The most recent polls show Earls with 38 percent, Jackson with 11 percent, and Anglin with 7 percent.  Forty-four percent were undecided.

Just so you know a little about what you’re buying into with a vote for Earls, here are some helpful tidbits:

Southern Coalition for Social Justice is an extreme radical left-wing group that promotes community organizing to effect economic, social and political change. Anita Earl, Executive Director of the SSSJ, was a member of the State Board of Elections before resigning to sue the state over the 2010 redistricting maps. Over fifteen percent of the group’s grant money comes from two extreme liberal political groups – Foundation to Promote Open Society (George Soros group) and the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation.

SCSJ belongs to the following networks: Democracy NC, Moral Mondays and Blueprint NC. Blueprint NC is the group that gained infamy with their strategy memo that directed their members to “eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate and agitate” the state’s leadership in 2013.

The SCSJ has taken a prominent role in the fight against voter photo ID and other needed and commonsense reforms to our election laws. They have also taken a leading role in lawsuits to stop the most recent redistricting maps ultimately upheld by the U.S. Justice Department and the North Carolina Supreme Court.[…]

So Earls has been front and center in all of this courtroom-centered chaos surrounding our elections.  She’s tight with George Soros and his team, as well as the notorious Round Rev and his “Moral Monday” nonsense.  Just imagine the mayhem she could fuel with a black robe and a seat on the high court.

If that’s not enough, here are the leftist wing-nuts at The Daily Kos praising Earls to the high heavens:

[…] She was recruited out of Yale by North Carolina’s first integrated law firm, where she practiced civil rights litigation for a decade. 

Mostly it was wrongful death cases involving the police killing, almost without exception, people of color. I did a lot of voting rights work from the beginning. I also did employment discrimination, housing discrimination, some public accommodations cases, the whole gamut of civil rights cases.

From there Earls moved on to government service, with her appointment as U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in the Clinton administration. But in 2007, she returned to North Carolina to begin the work she is best known for: envisioning, building, and leading the Southern Coalition For Social Justice (SCSJ).

From its birth in 2007, under Earls leadership the non-profit SCSJ has grown into a multi-million dollar North Carolina civil rights powerhouse today. Among her many legal victories there, two will be most familiar to nationwide readers: the overthrow of the state’s 2013 ‘monster voter suppression law,’ which Earls’ persuaded a federal court to declare “target[ed] African Americans with almost surgical precision,” and her last case before stepping down to run for office: Covington v. North Carolina. As plaintiffs’ lead attorney in Covington, she challenged the constitutionality of the state’s racially gerrymandered legislative district map in federal District Court, and ultimately before the U.S. Supreme Court, winning the redrawing of that map this year by a court-appointed special master.

Thanks to her victory in Covington, incumbent GOP state legislators now find themselves scrambling for votes in newly redrawn districts no longer engineered to rig election outcomes. In the eyes of those who would cling to power by disenfranchising ‘the wrong sort’ of voters, Anita Earls must seem dangerous indeed.[…]

FYI, lefties use “voter suppression” as a synonym for requiring a photo ID to vote. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents, this bunch wasn’t done fawning:

[…] Jackson’s thin campaign web site evokes the wistfulness of a dusty participation trophy on an otherwise bare shelf. Its list of the incumbent’s accomplishments leads with her authorship of an unremarkable law review article, “To Follow or Not to Follow: The Brave New World of Social Media,” and wraps up with mention of her appearance on the game show, Jeopardy.

Earls’ campaign web site, in contrast, boasts a wealth of endorsements and testimonials from former governors, current congressmen, state legislators, fellow 2018 candidates, the AFL-CIO, Equality NC (the state’s potent LGBT rights organization), NAACP leaders, the Democratic Party, America Votes, Emily’s List, our own Daily Kos, and more. Meanwhile, Jackson’s site lists a mere two endorsements, including that of Cherie Berry, whose name is perhaps best known in North Carolina for gracing elevator permits statewide.

Earls’ site tackles head-on the tough issues reflecting her moral compass: voting rights, civil rights, desegregation, employment discrimination, gerrymandering, voter suppression, legislative overreach, an independent judiciary, and the rule of law. Jackson’s site offers only a single anodyne position statement in just six sparse words: “Judges should judge; legislators should legislate.”

Um, EXACTLY. I don’t want my judges espousing preconceived stands on the issues.  I want them evaluating legislation and existing laws in accordance with what The Constitution says.

Want to know what the lefties are really concerned about with races like this?  Here goes:

[…] Finally, should the U.S. Supreme Court take the sharp reactionary turn many observers fear, state supreme courts could become progressives’ last line of defense for a woman’s right to choose, voting rights, environmental justice, and more. Still on the books in North Carolina are currently unenforceable laws — which, under a reactionary SCOTUS, might become enforceable tomorrow — including laws requiring that voters be able to read and write sections of the U.S. Constitution in English, and barring from office candidates who deny the existence of God, and banning same-sex marriage. 

Can’t legislate from the legislative branch because voters aren’t buying what you’re selling?  Legislate from the bench via candidates who are virtually unknown to the vast majority of voters and a process almost exclusively controlled by people with law degrees.

The Daily Kos is right in one sense:  The Jackson campaign is running a weak effort.  There is a very serious chance that she could meet the same fate as Robert Edmunds in 2016.

Anita Earls is a smarter, younger version of Hillary Clinton.  Having Hillary in The White House would have been disastrous for the country.  Having a Hillary clone on the NC Supreme Court bench would be disastrous for our state.

12 thoughts on “George Soros stooge seeks seat on NC Supreme Court

  1. This loony left Anita Earls is far to the left of even Hillary. She is a female version of Fidel Castro or Venezuela’s Maduro, a downright Marxist.

    1. And the Republican leadership in the General Assembly paved the path to elevating her to the bench by eliminating the Party’s prerogative to hold primaries. No one should forget that.

    1. Rep. John Blust (R-Guilford) gave us the inside scoop on the moronic adoption of a non-partisan system that cost us the seat of Bob Edmunds in 2016. The entire House caucus voted to make this race partisan, as it should have been, and which would have saved the seat. Then the leadership, meaning Speaker Timmy Moore and his cronies, ignored the caucus vote and ran the bill as a non-partisan election, which turned out to be a disaster, as they should have known it would. The leadership betrayed the caucus and the party and the leadership should be replaced for doing that.

      I hope that Blust or someone else in the legislature will give us the inside scoop on how this fustercluck of an election system for the 2018 election was put through. Those responsible need to be removed from any leadership position. “Jungle primaries” were invented in Louisiana by Democrats for the purpose of screwing Republicans, and this NC system is even worse. In the Louisiana and California jungle primaries, at least there is a runoff between the two top votegetters. Our screwball system does not even provide for that. This system is worse than Louisiana’s or California’s for Republicans.

      With what they did to judicial elections in both 2016 and 2018, one really does wonder which side our “Republican” legislative leadership is really on.

      To make matters worse, if we do not hold the supermajority, we will be stuck with this crap.

    1. The Stalinist slime that runs Fakebook is notorious for censoring conservative material. Those who believe in free speech should work to migrate Fakebook users to a similar social media site that is free speech friendly:

      Fakebook users could start with a parallel MeWe pageand urge their followers to visit them there.

    1. She has RINO consultant Paul Shumaker as a consultant, the same Shumaker who was working for the Democrats to block the Constitutional amendment votes, and the same Shumaker who came up with the non-partisan election plan that killed Bob Edmunds in his race..

      I really wonder whose side Shumaker is really on in these judicial races. He has a history of taking money from the loony left to promote left wing outcomes. Is he doing it on judicial races?

  2. Bob Edmunds solely created this disaster when he allowed the retention election law to be killed by Democrat judges. As a result, Barbara Jackson will probably fall victim as well to a leftist Democrat. Edmunds essentially threw away the Republican majority on the Supreme Court and I predict the NC GOP will never recover from the Edmunds disaster. Most high-level Republicans and Democrats I talk to agree with me. Ultimately, and sooner than we think, the Democrats take back full control of the state. Republicans will never get it back in our lifetime.

    1. Don’t blame the victim.

      Retention “elections” are another Democrat scheme, this one designed to deprive the voters of the state from being able to chose our judges. They are little different from the old Soviet style of “elections” and they are pure evil. We need to move away from appointment of judges, not toward them. If there is a judicial vacancy, the best solution is an immediate partisan special election to replace them.

      Retention “elections” are elitist crap and they needed to be killed.

      Edmunds lost because of the Shumaker plan, put through by Tim Moore and David Lewis to make the election NON-PARTISAN against the decision of the GOP caucus majority. If the election had been partisan, as the Court of Appeals races were and Republicans won all of those, then Edmunds would still be on the court, and we would have clear sailing this year. As John Blust has revealed the GOP caucus voted that they be partisan but Speaker Moore betrayed them and ran the bill as non-partisan with Lewis’ help.

      It is monkeying around with Democrat crap – retention “elections”, non-partisan elections, and jungle primaries that has put us behind the 8 ball, and Republicans who support ANY of those are part of the problem. We need REAL elections by the voters and we need party affiliation to give voters the information they need in making their decisions. Unfortunately, a lot of this crap has come from our own legislative leaders scheming for legislative appointment of judges, which is as gubenatorial appointment.

  3. There was a major failure of leadership in the NCGOP to

    1) Fail to lobby the Republicans in the legislature not to adopt this insane election method for judges.

    2) After it was adopted, and Woodhouse and Hayes acknowledged that the Democrats would probably run a ringer as a phony Republican, not to get busy to recruit our GOP ringer to file as a Democrat. That was gross political malpractice on their part. The endorsement procedure does NOT get to message out to the general electorate. Failing to file our own ringer was as big a disaster as failing to recruit a GOP candidate against Roy Cooper for AG in 2012.

    We need to get some competent leadership in our state party. We do not have any at the present time.

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