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NC Supreme Court: A right to privacy for sex offenders?

  Elections have consequences.  And, yes, the last two for our state’s high court have had significant ones — like THIS:   Sex offenders have rights, too, and in some cases the state has been violating those rights, the NC Supreme Court ruled on Friday….

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NCGOP’s Short Memory Caucus

  Mark Martin, the Republican chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, recently announced he was bailing out of that particular sinking ship to take a lucrative opportunity at a Virginia law school.  That left Democrat governor Roy Cooper with the opportunity to name…

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A NCGOP surrender on the Supreme Court?

The NCGOP is in real danger of going 0 for 2 in Supreme Court races during the Hayes-Woodhouse era.  (They’re already 0 for 1 in gubernatorial races.) It wasn’t long ago that we were bombarded with ads promoting Justice Paul Newby (R).  Judicial races are…

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Anita Earls & “Racial Justice”

The General Assembly passed an atrocity called The Racial Justice Act in 2009. It allowed for a number of inmate death sentences to be thrown out because a defendant “of color” was sentenced to death by a jury that some people thought did not have…

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#ncpol: NCGOP still fumbling & bumbling NC Supreme Court race

Spectrum News just released a poll: Granted, it’s registered voters and not likely voters. But it does fall in line with previous info we’ve seen.  Earls’s lead is clearly outside the margin of error.  Even if Jackson scoops up ALL the undecideds, it’s not enough…

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George Soros stooge seeks seat on NC Supreme Court

One only has to look back at the blitz of lawsuits since 2010 to see the power of the judiciary  to wipe out conservative and Republican gains at the ballot box.  Never mind that 70 percent of the state’s voters wanted to codify marriage as…

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#ncpol: Here we go AGAIN ?

In 2016, state Republicans blew what should have been an easy reelection for Supreme Court justice Robert Edmunds.  That loss threw the balance of power on the court to Democrats.  In 2018, we’ve got another big Supreme Court race involving a Republican incumbent.   Sources…

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#ncpol: Now, about THAT Supreme Court vote

In addition to picking a Member of Congress on Tuesday, we get to pick ONE candidate to compete for ONE seat on the state Supreme Court in November.  The top two finishers in the field get to compete again on the November ballot. Here’s our field: Michael Morgan:…

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Now, about those judges ….

We’ve got some big races coming up for the state Supreme Court.  Lefties, locked out of the legislature and the governor’s office, see the court races as their best hope to negate and neutralize Republican political and legislative gains.  This year’s vote gives fans of…

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Campaign 2014: Here come the judges!

  North Carolina saw a more aggressive than usual Supreme Court election in 2012 with the reelection of Justice Paul Newby(R).  Well-placed sources tell me that jockeying for the 2014 NC Supreme Court races is already underway. State Appeals Court Judge  — and Republican —…