#ncpol: NCGOP still fumbling & bumbling NC Supreme Court race

Spectrum News just released a poll:

Granted, it’s registered voters and not likely voters. But it does fall in line with previous info we’ve seen.  Earls’s lead is clearly outside the margin of error.  Even if Jackson scoops up ALL the undecideds, it’s not enough to catch Earls.

The NCGOP campaign team is doing a sorry job of (1) raising Jackson’s name ID, (2) tying her to the conservative view on jurisprudence, and (3) educating the voters on what a radical nut job  Earls is.  For pete’s sake,  Earls is on the record speaking admiringly about murderous, authoritarian, asset-seizing Marxist African dictators!

Earls is also out there speaking with pride about going after cops who “murder” minorities. With rhetoric like that, I was surprised to see an endorsement of her by “law enforcement leaders.” (I went to her campaign website to investigate.  The “leaders” are all former Democrat US attorneys, former Democrat sheriffs, and current Democrat sheriff candidates.)

The woman speaks lovingly of the idea of taking assets from people who have stuff, and “sharing” them with those who have less.

She has campaigned with Eric Holder, who –  as US attorney general — gave a pass to Black Panthers conducting racial intimidation tactics at polling places.

She would clearly take the bench with a crystal clear agenda that is anathema to our most cherished American ideals.

There HAS to be some education on Earls.  That lead HAS to be knocked down.  Or we will have years of a leftist majority on our state’s highest court, legislating from the bench, and giving Wayne Goodwin and Roy Cooper a great way to end-run the GOP majority in the General Assembly.

7 thoughts on “#ncpol: NCGOP still fumbling & bumbling NC Supreme Court race

  1. It also begs the question: is Jackson campaigning herself? I’ve seen no signs, no ads, not even social media ads. Is she just relying on the NCGOP to work on her behalf? Because that’s a bad plan.

    1. She is doing events in my area. What I don’t see is any sign of a media campaign. Shumaker is her consultant, and he seems to be becoming the expert on losing Supreme Court races (Congressional, too).

    2. I’m with you. I’ve seen next to nothing on her behalf and this is probably the most important election we have this cycle. If we lost what conservatives we have left there it will be a long time before we can hope to retake the courts.

  2. A member of the Central Committee told a recent GOP meeting that Dallas Woodhouse had promised to recruit a Democrat ringer to counteract the “Republican” ringer Chris Anglin.

    Clearly, he was not up to the task.

  3. The county parties had better take this bull by the horns by educating people about the judicial races locally.

    Concerning the NCGOP, I don’t know if we can expect more incompetence than sabotage or more sabotage than incompetence from them. I don’t expect much.

    We have seen Judge Jackson in Beaufort County and she is back this week.

  4. Typical of the NCGOP and the Pope empire that assured the citizens of NC it would promote conservative judges and pols.
    As NC sinks slowly deeper in the quicksand of liberal insanity the Pope empire seems blind and impotent as does the NCGOP.

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