#nc-09: Um, oh yeah — RACISM !!!!!

I was wondering how long it would take to get here:

So, the snide, snobby vegan metrosexual who runs the failing Charlotte Observer’s op-ed page is showing us how brave he is by trashing two dead guys while smearing ONE live Republican candidate.  (And his special friend at WRAL is cheering him on.)

Apparently, trying to smear Mark Harris as a he-man-woman-hater  because he dared to cite The Bible in one of his sermons didn’t work.   Now they’re rolling out the heavy artillery — the RACE CARD.

(Never mind that Dan McReady is a front for a bunch of wealthy solar goons, like ex-Duke Power boss Jim Rogers, who want to dig their snouts deeper in the taxpayer trough.) 

Harris is right.  The Democrats used to be the South’s conservative party.  JFK’s Democrats favored tax cuts and shrinking government.

Now, the Democrats are OWNED by antifa.   Their hero is Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — a registered socialist who thinks the Democrat platform is way too conservative.  The statue-topplers in Durham and Chapel Hill dominate the NC Democrat base.  The screaming loons who disrupted the hearings and the floor vote on Brett Kavanaugh, and threatened senators’ families and the Kavanaugh family ARE the modern Democrat Party.

Lefties and their media allies have a special loathing for Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond because they helped average folks in The Carolinas realize that their precious Democrats have left them behind.

I had the pleasure to interact with both Helms and Thurmond during my time on Capitol Hill.  Both men had black employees.  Helms’s longtime chief of staff, at one time, had a bounty placed on his head by the KKK.

I saw both men away from the public and the media on many occasions.  Never did I witness or hear anything even remotely racist.

Most people aren’t buying what leftists are selling.  (Some of the most godawful places in this state [Durham, Charlotte], country [Detroit, LA, NYC] and around the world [Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea] are controlled by leftists.)  So, to stay relevant, lefties have to keep people dependent on the government and scared of those church-going, gun-owning, working-for-a-living types.

Don’t let them fool you.