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Mark Harris: CLEARED !!!

      It took long enough.  In the wake of that 2018 nail-biter of an election in the 9th congressional district,  a coalition of foaming-at-the-mouth drive-by media, sore-loser Democrats, and establishment Republicans teamed up to slander Mark Harris (R) and reverse the election results….

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EXCLUSIVE: The McCrae Dowless interview.

  The man at the center of the political theatrics surrounding the Ninth Congressional District race had a few things to tell us.  Some of it — we’ve heard already.  Some of it was news to us. On February 22, we submitted via email five…

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NC-09: Kangaroo Court is in session

    The Alinskyite effort by the left to steal a congressional election in North Carolina opened a new chapter Monday.  State elections board supervisor Kim Strach was posing and preening like an innocent bystander to the whole thing. Hillary Clinton’s white-shoe high-dollar DC lawyers…

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NC-09: Dallas & Gramps make “an exception” for Mark Harris

  This email hit inboxes this week: Dear Friend — This is an important message. As policy, the NCGOP does not engage its list of donors and supporters to solicit donations to individual candidates and causes. We don’t do this because of the financial needs of…

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NC-09: Judge punts on Harris certification request

The drivebys are painting Judge Ridgeway’s refusal to force certification of the Ninth Congressional District race as a defeat for Mark Harris.  Actually, if you read into the judge’s actions and comments, he took every opportunity to get himself out of and away from this…

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#ncpol: What is this “fight” you speak of, Grandpa?

After weeks of hiding — and sending Dallas out to advocate for a new election  and even telling legislators to change the law to allow for a new primary — NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes has come out,um, swinging: We won this round. Democrat Governor Roy…

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NC-09: Can We Talk?

It sounds like the Mark Harris campaign  is in the mood: Perhaps this is a first step toward an armistice / truce in this fight over the Ninth Congressional District?  It’s interesting how quiet the McCready campaign  has gotten, and how Robert Pittenger is suddenly…

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NCGOPe decides to start fighting FOR Mark Harris

(It looks and sounds like they’ve been getting an earful from outside the Raleigh beltline on this.) Here’s where we stand.  A three judge state panel (2Ds, 1R) ordered the current state elections board to be dissolved. On Thursday, the legislature overrode a Cooper veto…

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NC-09: State elections board? (Buh-bye.)

That’s the latest word from the bench amid the chaos of the Ninth Congressional District chaos: A three-judge panel overseeing a lawsuit challenging the current makeup of the North Carolina State Board of Elections issued a new ruling Thursday night that effectively dissolves the board at…

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#ncga: GOP majority screwing Mark Harris for Christmas

Mark Harris is a Baptist preacher.  He lives by the principle of loving your enemies.  (The guy is waaaaaaaay too nice for politics.) After he lost the 2014 primary for US Senate, he went to work campaigning for Thom Tillis ( while Greg Brannon told…