Mark Harris: CLEARED !!!




It took long enough.  In the wake of that 2018 nail-biter of an election in the 9th congressional district,  a coalition of foaming-at-the-mouth drive-by media, sore-loser Democrats, and establishment Republicans teamed up to slander Mark Harris (R) and reverse the election results.

Amid a media circus,  Harris — the winner in November 2018 —  was branded a criminal and run out of politics.  A new election was held and conservative Dan Bishop won and was seated in the House in DC.

Well, today comes word from the Harris camp that Mark Harris has been vindicated of any criminal wrongdoing in relation to the 2018 election:


  • […] It has been 596 days since the North Carolina State Election Board voted to delay its certification in the 2018 9th Congressional election.


  • Today Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said, “Following more than a year of investigation by multiple State and Federal agencies into the involvement of former Congressional candidate Mark Harris and the Harris Campaign into the absentee ballot operations in Bladen County during the 2018 General Election, our office has concluded that there is not evidence which would support a criminal case against Dr. Harris and therefore, is closing the matter as to him.”[…]


Harris, himself, had a few things to say about Freeman’s decision:


[…]”Nearly 600 days ago I told the voters of the 9th district that my campaign would fully cooperate with investigators in a process that would ultimately reveal insufficient evidence to overturn an election.  I am personally grateful for the detailed investigation by the Wake County District Attorney and the cooperating federal and state agencies to finally restore my reputation. I trust the investigators will continue their work so North Carolina voters can be assured that their vote counts in a system that follows the rule of law.”[…]


A LOT of people owe this guy an apology.  A LOT.