NC-09: Can We Talk?

It sounds like the Mark Harris campaign  is in the mood:

Perhaps this is a first step toward an armistice / truce in this fight over the Ninth Congressional District?  It’s interesting how quiet the McCready campaign  has gotten, and how Robert Pittenger is suddenly no longer interested in being a candidate in an election do-over.

As a pastor and devout Christian, I am sure Dr. Harris is much more inclined to trust people than I am.  (Thirty years in politics will instill a little skepticism and cynicism in you.) 

I had a chance to review the online evidence “dump” posted by the state board on its website in anticipation of the January 11 hearing,   That collection of documents looked  more like a prosecutor’s discovery than an honest look at what did or did not happen.  It was all about Bladen County, McRae Dowless, and those *thieving* Republicans. 

You have to remember that about HALF of Bladen County is in the Ninth.  Bladen County has a total population of 33,478 (as of 2017) and a total voter registration of 23,334.  So, if you’re talking about the pool of possible voters in Bladen County for the Ninth, you’re looking at anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 people at most.

Compare that to neighboring — and Democrat stronghold — Robeson County.  Robeson has a population of 132,606 (as of 2017) and total voter registration of 77,625 (48,607 DEM, 9751 REP).  ALL of Robeson is in the Ninth.  

You’re talking about a much larger population of voters and ballots in Robeson County than in Bladen County.  But the media and the Democrats only want to talk about Bladen County — where a Republican connection has been revealed.  Robeson County, however, has a long long long history of electoral hijinks.  (I believe one former state board of elections member described the county as a “frequent flier”in the board’s investigative process.)  

We’ve even reported on some sketchy activity in Robeson  THIS election cycle. 

An honest probe of what happened in Robeson County in May and leading up to the November vote will — I believe — turn up a much larger trove of shenanigans and illegality than you can ever hope to find in Bladen County.  And the overwhelming majority of that trove will have Democrat fingerprints on it.

In the end, I think the true story of the Ninth Congressional District race will be a major Democrat / leftist effort to steal the seat that ended up blowing up in their faces and coming up short.