NC-09: “Baseless” in 2016 = NOBLE in 2018-19

It’s funny how Pat McCrory’s concerns about vote fraud in 2016 – which sound a lot like the stuff we’re talking about NOWwere derided by leftists as “baseless”.  But, in 2018, when  they’re on the losing end, they’ll fuss about the same stuff and defend their efforts as “bringing back democracy.”

Dan McCready — a stalking horse / front man for former Duke Power CEO and liberal activist Jim Rogers  — is doubling down on his quixotic crusade to paint the former president of the North Carolina Southern  Baptist Convention as an amoral, unethical knuckle-dragging crook.

“Stole votes”, eh?  I DO notice that his campaign did not file a single grievance / complaint alleging such.  In fact, he conceded rather quickly after the election concluded.

In civilized America, people who level allegations of “stealing” are expected to produce evidence to support that claim.  McCready’s sore loser brigade is producing a lot of witnesses saying things like “Cousin Bubba told me he heard her cousin Jenny say her hairdresser said …”.

What’s really going to make this little McCready kid look like a fool is if an honest probe of the pre-election activities in Robeson County occurs.   McCready and sources close to him pumped mid- to high- six figures into the wallets of individuals in Robeson County who specialize in the same activities McRae Dowless is alleged to have partaken in. (In fact, it appears some of that money made its way to the college-aged, live-at-home daughter of the most-recent former state board of elections chairman.)

There is pretty clear indication that the level of electoral mischief in Robeson County was substantially larger than anything that may have happened in next-door Bladen.  The allegations in Bladen appear to have Republican ties.  Those in Robeson appear to be tied to Democrats.  So, the media and the Raleigh establishment only want to talk about Bladen County.