Poll: NC voters not really paying attention in the two major statewide 2022 races


A new poll sponsored and released by NC Values shows the US Senate GOP primary in a dead heat and the state Supreme Court GOP primary as a toss-up. Vitale & Associates conducted the poll March 22-23 and it had a margin of error of +/- 4.4%.

US Senate.   Ted Budd had the support of 32 percent of respondents,  while Pat McCrory had 29 percent.   UNDECIDED is at 25 percent, while Mark Walker is at 12 percent.  Marjorie Eastman is in the rear with 2 percent.

On the bright side for Budd,  this is a much better showing than earlier polls showing McCrory with a huge lead, and running away with the race.  (In our humble opinion,  if the Budd campaign would simply bind and gag Jonathan Felts,  this race would be a pro-Budd runaway.)

NC Supreme Court.   The poll shows this race as wiiiiiiiiiide open.  Anybody’s to take and win. April Wood leads with 8 percent, while Trey Allen has 6 percent, and Victoria Price has 3 percent.  UNDECIDED is leading this race big time with more than 80 percent support from respondents.  From what I hear, Wood is the heavy favorite among the more conservative GOP primary voters.

Trey Allen is supported primarily by party establishment and a wide-spread gossip campaign spearheaded by Paul-Shumaker-hand-puppet Paul Newby.  Newby will have to thump that Bible much harder to atone for his and his supporters’s actions in this race.  (We are hearing that folks veeeeeeery close to Newby have suggested to voters around the state that Wood is lacking in intelligence and aptitude.)

Allen has NEVER been a judge. (Wood has been serving on the state Court of Appeals.)  Apparently, he’s deciding to start off at THE TOP, instead of paying his dues at lower levels like so many others.  Allen also used to work for Newby, as well.

Price was recruited into the race simply to split the female vote that might otherwise go to Wood.