Just HOW LOW will the NCGOP establishment go?


They beat up on a black man.  Now they’re smacking around a young guy in a wheel chair.  What’s next?

What do Mark Robinson and Madison Cawthorn have in common that so irritates these people? Both passionately live and breathe conservatism. Both are diehard members of the Trump political movement.  Their voting records match the conservative rhetoric they espouse.  And all that really ticks off the country-club set.

I confess that I had some doubts about Madison Cawthorn when he first ran.  I don’t believe many twenty-somethings have had enough life experience to competently govern the state or country.   Of course, there are plenty of older politicians whose competency I question.

In a year where the NCGOP is trying to expand Jones Street majorities and regain Capitol Hill majorities,  there sure is an awful lot of effort from the party’s left wing to abuse and purge grassroots conservatives.  Their nastiness intensifies during the primary season.  When their moderate buddies win the nomination, NCGOPe types then start demanding some teamwork from conservatives.  SUPPORT “the party”.  (Whatever that means.) They tell us “A registered Republican like senator Bootlicker is much better than a Democrat” when the general campaign kicks off.  And many conservatives tuck their tails and dutifully go help said moderate — pushed to a primary victory via a campaign of viciousness, slander, and a whole lot of dark money.

This establishment is regularly much meaner to conservatives than they are to Democrats.  They want to “cross the aisle” and “work with” Democrats.  They want to eviscerate / purge people who actually believe in the GOP platform from their party’s ranks.

It’s not necessarily that there are policy disagreements between the two GOP factions. (The recent performance by Edwards and his buddies in the state Senate has been nothing to brag about to primary voters.)  The establishment pretty much just finds conservatives and Trump fans EMBARRASSING.

I admit Cawthorn has publicly said some things that I (and many others) wish he hadn’t. But are we voting for a BEST FRIEND, or are we voting for someone who will VOTE RIGHT?

As a conservative,  I am confident that Cawthorn will vote the right way in Congress most all of the time.  Unlike our two worthless US senators, who decide how to vote based on who put the last check in their hands.

The establishment horse in this race appears to be RINO state senator Chuck Edwards.  He makes Nazi allusions like any good Democrat would (see the last line of this story).  Most of his rhetoric centers around how he won’t be “embarrassing” like Cawthorn.  (A Democrat couldn’t have said it better.)

Instead of sitting still and being a team player and continuing to just accept the crap dished out by NCGOPe types,  why not just return fire?  Let’s take out some of their incumbents.  Especially those with sufficiently conservative primary opposition this year.

What’s the harm?  The NCGOPe doesn’t even LIKE us.  They want us gone from “their party.” They want our votes, but then want us to shut up and go away.  The election in May is a perfect time for conservatives to flex their muscles and give these people a true dose of reality.