Revenge of the RINOs


Remember this story?  Well, we’ve got a follow-up (and it’s NOT pretty).

It seems that Mr. Whatley and the boys in Raleigh were none too pleased about (1) efforts to purge NCGOP leadership of sex offenders and (2) The Haymaker finding out about it.

So,  Mr. Whatley and his friends have declared to proponents of said purge that their proposed change to the POO (plan of organization) will never ever never never ever never ever ever never get a hearing or a vote at any future state convention.  They can try — Team Whatley reportedly declared — but their efforts will be futile.

A lot of the Raleigh RINO anger is reportedly aimed at Chad McHenry, chairman of the Granville County GOP (where the whole purge idea got started).  We are told by some very good Raleigh sources that the Whatley mafia is looking to take out McHenry with trumped up allegations of party rules violations.  Their hope is that McHenry will be removed from office, or resign in disgrace, without ANY Raleigh fingerprints being detected on the effort.

Why is there a problem with barring sex offenders from NCGOP offices?  We all know about Harvey West.  Could there be more out there in positions of power in the party that we haven’t heard about yet?