Controversial NCGOP fundraiser spurs calls for changes to NCGOP POO

(Get your minds out of the gutter.  It’s an acronym for “Plan Of Organization.”)

It seems that reports of a certain House Caucus fundraiser in Plymouth, North Carolina — of all places —  are raising the hackles of a lot of the ground troops the NCGOP depends on at election time.

The Granville County GOP is the first party-affiliated organization to publicly step forward.  They have issued some proposed changes to the party’s plan of organization:

It appears the good folks in Granville are proposing some additional minimum requirements for the party’s elected and appointed officials.  One proposed addition is the requirement of a high school education.  Another bars anyone who has EVER been convicted of a felony from serving in a party position anywhere from the local organzations to the state party organization in Raleigh.

The proposal appears to offer an exception for felons who have served their time and had all of their rights restored.   It DOES take a hard-line on anyone convicted of a sex crime.

It will be interesting to see if we hear from anyone else.