NCGOP’s Short Memory Caucus


Mark Martin, the Republican chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, recently announced he was bailing out of that particular sinking ship to take a lucrative opportunity at a Virginia law school.  That left Democrat governor Roy Cooper with the opportunity to name a replacement for the Republican Martin.

Like clockwork, all kinds of NCGOPe types began publicly demanding that Cooper name a Republican to replace the departing Republican chief justice.  Here’s Lt. Governor (and Gov.-in-waiting) Dan Forest:

And HERE is the lone remaining Republican on the high court (and chief justice wannabe) Paul Newby:

Of course, we can’t forget the crack team at NCGOP HQ’s Communications shop:


Now, let’s hop into Professor Peabody’s way-back machine and travel to 2014:

Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday named Mark Martin as the new chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Martin, 51, is currently the senior associate justice with the court and will replace Chief Justice Sarah Parker, who has reached the mandatory retirement age of 72.

His appointment is effective Sept. 1. […]

Martin was a Republican.  He was named to replace the retiring DEMOCRAT Sarah Parker.  In 2014, there were no Republicans demanding that McCrory keep partisan politics out of the appointment and stick with the same party as the retiree. 

Cooper named Justice Cheri Beasley (D) to replace Martin today.  I listened to Beasley’s comments before the press today, and was stunned.  She basically admitted she was little more than a token  — allowing Cooper to check off BLACK and WOMAN on his list of things to do to appease the base.  There wasn’t much talk about her abilities or experience.  It was though Cooper could have named Missy Elliot or Crystal Mangum to the court — and all would have been swell with his base.  (Though, I don’t know if either of those lasses has a law degree.) 

This belly-aching would likely have not been necessary if the NCGOPe had actually fought for Bob Edmunds and Barbara Jackson even 1/10th as hard as they did for Newby and Martin.  Or if the McCrory administration or reelection campaign had been operated in an even slightly competent manner. 

Elections have consequences.  He who has the most toys WINS.  Also, if you perpetrate a face-job against the other side, you can be sure they will return the favor during a good year for them and a not-so-good year for you.

(You can be petty and sit on your hands while gleefully watching your least favorite party colleague lose.  But this is example one-gazillion of how that strategy can come back to bite you on your gluteus maximus.) 

6 thoughts on “NCGOP’s Short Memory Caucus

  1. Well, at least Cooper is loyal to his base, unlike the Republicans who torpedo their base whenever they can— for example, caving to the Antifa mobs that destroyed the Boy Soldier Monument at UNC while ignoring 75% of the population that wants the monument restored. You simply cannot count on a Republican politician to keep his word or stand up for conservatives when the liberal heat gets turned up.

  2. I wonder if it would be possible to see a positive post here for every negative post here regarding the state GOP. Surely, there is more to complain about within the ranks of the Democrats than just constant attacks on those in the Republican party. Holding the GOP accountable is one thing, becoming a fifth column for the liberals is something else.

    Just a drive-by opinion here from someone who was a regular.

  3. It’s not that the Governor named a Democrat, but that he didn’t name (a) the Senior Associate Justice, as is tradition (regardless of party) or (b) even two other Democrats who had more experience than the one he named.

  4. True, Art.
    But you can count on a Republican to skirt the law, take tainted money, primary those who disagree, and fend for themselves to the detriment of the constituents.
    Since we are talking judges. Remember Phil Berger Jr? Lost his ass when he ran for US Rep. Then pop got the ballot order changed to give him an advantage. And he got elected to the Court of Appeals. Let’s see….he was NEVER a sitting judge for EVEN ONE DAY!
    So any talk of experience for judges, kind of rings hollow from the Republicans.
    Between Berger and Moore’s shenanigans, they are wrecking the party and any associated trust. Give me a Walter Jones any day.

  5. I hear people calling our Republican officials a number of names.
    –Stupid — Not good fighters — Too nice — Bad at politics…

    Everything except traitors to the conservative cause and honest politics.

    Obviously there is collusion among the heads of both parties.

  6. If you really want to see traitors to the conservative cause, the rule of law, and common decency, just look at the Republican appointees to the UNC trustee board and the UNC Board of Governors. These scoundrels were all appointed by our so-called Republican legislators.

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