#ncpol: Now, about THAT Supreme Court vote

DSC_4239_ppIn addition to picking a Member of Congress on Tuesday, we get to pick ONE candidate to compete for ONE seat on the state Supreme Court in November.  The top two finishers in the field get to compete again on the November ballot. Here’s our field:

  • Michael Morgan:   Party affiliation is pretty well obscured on campaign materials. But one good clue about this guy is his work at the NC Department of Justice from 1980-1989.  That would have placed him as a worker bee for Democrats Rufus Edmisten and Lacy Thornburg.
  • Robert Edmunds:    He’s the incumbent.  He ran for attorney general as a Republican a few years back and got clobbered.  His professional bio includes ties to guys like William Rehnquist and John Roberts. So, that makes him OK in our book.  
  • Daniel Robertson:  Not a lot of info on this cat.  Not even a website.  He has a lot of experience in the banking industry and now works in private practice.  He talks the outsider game and sounds almost Tea Party-ish.  (Though, word on the street is he is a Democrat.) 
  • Sabra Faires.  Um, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL NO.  She’s running as unaffiliated.  But she was a longtime fixture on Jones Street as a goon for Marc Basnight, Jim Black AND — wait for it — Richard Morgan.  Yes, there is a stench of sulfur around her.  Stay away. Stay FAR away. 

Your clear choice here is Robert Edmunds.