NC-08: Hudson dumps on Trump, touts his fake business

This guy Richard Hudson is making it soooooooo much easier to vote against him: 

[…] Hudson also had some harsh words for Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, referring to him as a “buffoon” in calling for the United States to ban Muslims from entering the country.[…]

Oh, while he was trashing someone who actually HAS a successful business, Little Richard decided to bring up his alleged “business”:

[…] Hudson moved to Concord in Cabarrus County, just outside Charlotte in 1998. He said he started a political consulting and marketing business called Cabarrus Marketing Group in 2011, which he acknowledges was a way to pay his bills so he could run for Congress.[…] 

Oh, Cabarrus Marketing Group?   The “company” that was established ONE DAY after he filed for office in 2011?  The company where his name does not appear anywhere on its founding documents?  The company he described during the 2012 campaign as “assist[ing] multiple software clients with product implementation” but described on his 567c5633e5324.imagecampaign website as ” provid[ing] marketing, strategic communications consulting and business development services to small businesses”?  And he now calls a “political consulting and marketing business”?

Is it the same company that STILL hasn’t completed its corporate website?  Is it also the same company that was shuttered by the secretary of state in May 2013 for failing to file paperwork and pay licensing fees?

How on earth could you expect to make money as a political consultant when you just left your job as a Capitol Hill chief of staff to run for Congress?  You’d be a bit busy with campaigning yourself, one would think.  

If he got paid at all at Cabarrus Marketing, there would have to be tax records on file.  Anybody seen them?  There would have to have been clients.  Anybody know of any?  We can’t find any evidence of any out there.

Cabarrus Marketing was the creation of some political hacks to make Hudson sound better on the campaign trail.  “Small businessman’ sounds so much better to voters than “career political hack.”