#nc-13: Filtering through the GOP crowd

Talk about sensory overload.  I feel bad for voters in the GOP primary for this newly createdblust congressional district.  They have a crowd of SEVENTEEN to evaluate.  There is no runoff, so the top finisher on Tuesday gets the golden ticket to the November general election. So, you could win the GOP nod with as little as 5.9 percent of the vote.  *What a mandate.*

Here is the list of Republican combatants:

  • John Blust  (NC House member)
  • Andrew Brock (NC Senate member) 
  • Vernon Robinson (perennial candidate) 
  • Chad Gant
  • Dan Barrett (attorney, former lieutenant governor candidate) 
  • David Thompson
  • Farren Shoaf
  • George Rouco (attorney and former CIA official; HAD BEEN primarying Pittenger)
  • Hank Henning (Guilford County commissioner)
  • Harry Warren (NC House member, soft on illegal aliens) 
  • Jason Walser,
  • Jim Snyder
  • Julia Howard (NC House member, ally of former co-speaker Richard Morgan) 
  • Kathy Feather
  • Matthew McCall (Iredell County register of deeds)
  • Kay Daly (real recent Moore County resident and DC activist) 
  •  Ted Budd (local businessman, supported by Club For Growth, NAGR and robin Hayes)

Wow.  I’ll start with the people you can immediately dismiss: Warren, Daly and Robinson.

crowd-business-peopleThe word on the street is that this race is Julia Howard’s to lose.  That’s a shame.  She has a record in Raleigh as a fan of big government.  And she had NOOOOOOO problem backing Richard Morgan’s sweetheart power-sharing deal with Jim Black.

The word on the street is that this district was set up for state Senator Andrew Brock.  Brock has run up a relatively conservative record in Raleigh.  But he strikes us as a Patrick McHenry, Richard Hudson, David Rouzer clone.  Young guy, carefully marketed and managed, who hasn’t done much in life other than politics or government.  Never had a real job.  

We’ve heard good things about Matt McCall in Iredell County.  If what we hear is true, we’d have little to no heartburn if he came out on top of this fray.  Dan Barrett is another guy we feel the same way about.

Ted Budd is a curiosity.  This guy has come out of nowhere to win the admiration of all of DC’s so-called anti-establishment.  Word is that his dad is a big money guy for conservative organizations.  Folks I trust who have talked with him say Budd comes off as another carefully managed and groomed empty suit in the vein of McHenry, Hudson and Rouzer.

Budd caught our attention with the Club For Growth endorsement and Robin Hayes’s sponsorship of a fundraiser for him.   We are highly wary and suspicious of anyone or anything that has the sulfuric stink of Robin Hayes on them.   This guy looks like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  A GOPe good ol’ boy trying to ride his dad’s money, while fooling the Tea Party rubes, toward a congressional seat.

We’ve long been fans of John Blust.  He’s arguably one of the smartest guys on Jones Street. He’s a principled conservative who isn’t afraid to stand up to his caucus or chamber’s bosses.  Blust and John Rhodes were key figures in the resistance to disgraced former speaker Jim Black and his GOP lackey Richard Morgan.  Their efforts brought attention to Black and helped bring about his downfall.

Blust is the ideal public servant.  The guy puts party bosses and their interests waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind the interests of his constituents.  He regularly calls out colleagues for tactics  he sees as being too reminiscent of the old D-regime on Jones Street.

We’d miss Blust in Raleigh if he came out on top here.  But we think he’d do a lot of good up in DC too.  If you haven’t voted yet, mark John Blust’s name  on the 13th congressional district GOP ballot. 

20 thoughts on “#nc-13: Filtering through the GOP crowd

  1. Dan Barrett ran for Governor and is a heck of a good guy, Jim Snyder is the guy who ran for Lt. Governor. He filed and that’s it, Snyder has done nothing as usual, not a single sign. I agree with what you are hearing out of Iredell County, I live in Davidson County and voted for Matt McCall. A refreshing candidate in a race full of establishment legislators. I think Henning will pull more votes out of Guilford than Blust. The vote in Davie will be carved up between 5 that filed there. The wild card is who will win the virgin territory (Davidson) where only one candidate resides (Snyder) and can McCall dominate his home county (Iredell) where he has won twice county wide.

  2. I generally have a high trust level for the Club for Growth, which has a very thorough vetting process on policy and issues. The same is true for the National Association for Gun Rights which has also endorsed Budd. NAGR and Gunowners of America are the reliable groups on 2nd amendment issues, not like the whores of the NRA. Still the Club for Growth occaisionally gets it wrong like they did with Jeff Flake, whose last name really describes him well.

    Someone posted that Budd’s father employs lots of illegal aliens, and that would be a red flag on his candidacy if that is accurate. I would note that the Club for Growth does not rate on that issue, although most of their endorsees are fine on immigration. NAGR only rates on 2nd Amendment issues.

    However, I agree with you on Blust. He is a proven quantity and the real deal.

    The big red flag on Andrew Brock is his endorsement of Marco ”Amnesty” Rubio for president. The only thing Rubio is known for in his Senate term is the Gang of 8 amnesty bill. Anyone who would jump on the Rubio bandwagon is highly questionable themselves on amnesty in that they would support a pro-amnesty pretty boy for president.

  3. Blust is the best choice here. He is very personable and takes his job seriously. Blust is a proven conservative and is proven to stand up to the Raleigh establishment when needed. Get the vote right the first time and Choose Blust.

    1. Blust is not bright. He is not favored by colleagues not because he calls them out, he simply lacks the gravitas to do anything. He is very limited mentally and he is unable to articulate a true reasoned conservative position. There is a big difference between being a lone wolf and just not capable of being effective with anything. His list of accomplishments in Raleigh is zero. 20 years in Raleigh and not a single significant reform–zip.

      1. Blust is a sound conservative and having heard him speak on a number of occasions, I have found him quite well informed and on target. He would fight for the people and for conservative priniciples in Congress, and has a proven track record on that which some of the others claiming to be conservatives do not. He has shown he will stand up to the power brokers not be led around by the nose by them.

        As for ”accomplishments”, conservatives have been in the minority the House for a long time. If being a go along to get along type gives one ”accomplishments” then no thanks.

        1. Blust is simply incapable of getting anything done. Ask what he would do in entitlement reform–blank. Fair trade–blank. Replacing Obama care-blank. Repatriation of trillions of dollars to,the US–doesn’t have a clue what that is. Size of the federal budget–blank. Military acquisitions for advanced weaponry in a more complex world-blank. If doing nothing is what should be done, Blust is your man. If we need to shake up Washington, sending Blust up there would be like sending a tree stump.

  4. I’ve long wished to see The Blust Man in DC. Some good people in this race, but Blust is the one we need.

  5. I stopped in Mocksville last week, wow, never saw such a forest of campaign signs. Brock signs predominated with Howard in second place. Saw an occasional Shoaf sign and maybe a very few other no-names that I can’t remember. Found myself wishing that nc13 voters would at least do themselves a favor and vote against anyone whose name they’d actually heard of, just to maybe keep the professional pols out of it.

    Just curious, but you said no to Robinson but didn’t elaborate. Why?

  6. The Club for growth promotes “free trade” which I suspect includes TPP yet another bad trade deal. They spent millions trying to stop Trump.

  7. “Free Trade” has devastated this nation. Trump makes many nutty statements apparently without thinking, but his position as advocate of “Fair Trade” is a winner. Wealthy employers such as type that fund the Club For Growth have profited by destroying the labor trades and working class Americans. I would vote for the Conservative who demonstrates an understanding of the sorry plight of factory workers and tradesmen who have been hurt greatly by open borders and “Free Trade” that exports US jobs.
    Refusal to enforce our laws and allowing illegal alien construction workers and low wage processing plant employment without paying workman’s comp insurance and social security, etc.
    Middle income American families pay additional taxes to fund these funders of Club For Growth profits.
    I recommend we vote for Kay Daly a truth loving social and America First economic conservative who has maintained her independence from big money interests.

    1. The Club for Growth is a group of Reagan conservatives that focuses on cutting taxes, spending, and debt. Their position on trade is one that I disagree with them on, but overall, they support strong conservative policies. They also do not consider issues like gun rights, social issues, and immigration, which are also important, so you should always fully research the candidates they endorse. For the most part, with some exceptions, I generally find their candidates usually are sound on those issues, too.

  8. Matt McCall is the true conservative in this race. He is not afraid to take on the establishment Republicans here in Iredell. He recently angered the Mayor of Mooresville for questioning the priorities of putting a golf course ahead of infrastructure. He questioned the mostly Republican County School Board for outlandish spending. He is not afraid to question waste. As the Register of Deeds he saved Iredell taxpayers over 4 million in four years by modernizing the office while opening up an annex in Mooresville. This guy questions every one of the taxpayers dollars as if they were his own. Matt McCall is the only choice!!!!

  9. FARREN K SHOAF FOR CONGRESS. This article is exactly why thousands of early voters have already voted for Farren K Shoaf. Intentionally leaving out the leading candidate shows how scared the establishment Republican leadership has become of a “Trump” candidate. They obviously see the overwhelming support and votes Farren Shoaf has received, so now let’s act like he is not there. LOL Let’s ignore the ten of thousands of Shoaf supporters. Shoaf is a Businessman Citizen.. not a politician, not a lawyer. His political radio show was in 7 states and on two stations right here in the district. His radio audience is fired up and working! So thank you “Establishment” for showing your true “hand” with this “Hit” Piece.
    During the Guildford county republican women’s forum, Shoaf was interrupt 4 times by applause. Every candidate but two stated, “I agree with Mr. Shoaf on this issue.” These refined and educated women are voting Shoaf because they understand that Farren does not care what the News and Record says, does not bow down to the establishment hierarchy; Shoaf is working for the middle class, business owners, families and churches and for all the tens of thousands of Republicans that are NO LONGER voting for career politicians and not voting for lawyers.. and not voting for the “Ted Bush” Club For Growth hand picked celebrity. It is comical how you have left out the only candidate to receive the ENDORSEMENT OF THE CO-CHAIRS OF THE ROWAN COUNTY FOR DONALD J. TRUMP’S PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. ESTABLISHMENT AT THEIR BEST HERE FOLKS! BE CAREFUL, YOUR “ESTABLISHMENT” IS SHOWING. TALK ABOUT IN THE TANK!! LOL. EARLY POLLING DATA AND METRICS ARE SHOWING FARREN LEADING IN THE 13TH DISTRICT, Farren’s ground game is full of average people that are NOT buying the bull of the establishment’s hot air. TRUMP IS RIGHT, THE MEDIA IS ON THE DIME OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. Just add up all the years the local politicians have been in office, it is a life time of back peddling and watching our factories and jobs leaving this area. Even the High Point Furniture Market is in jeopardy!
    Ps. Julia Howard is a nice lady, but her Realtor PAC ads say she fights to keep taxes low, yet in her home county of Davie they just got the largest tax increase. Seniors are voting for Farren Shoaf now because their fixed incomes can afford the big career politicians and no one can afford the lawyers.
    Thank you all!
    After Wednesday, let’s all meet and plan Farren Shoaf’s campaign for the November General Election!

    Explore your voting options. http://www.FarrenKShoaf.com http://images.campaignpartner.net/images/43590/Rowan_Trump_Group_Endorses-Shoaf_NC_13th.pdf

    1. Glad to hear it. I had Brock sitting right behind me one year at an NCGOP convention, and I figured him out pretty quick. As for Howard, I can’t believe any knowledgeable conservative would ever vote for a Morgan conspirator. This is a rare chance for people in west-central North Carolina to just say no to professional pols, and oh yeah, to the NCGOP Usurper.

  10. For starters, I have to question your judgment if you so flippantly and summarily dismiss Vernon Robinson, along with the snarky descriptor “perennial candidate”.

    Vernon was a classmate of mine at the USAF Academy (Class of ’77) and is one hell of a good man; a great guy who is absolutely, positively “the real deal”. Yes…..a true conservative…..and yes, I HAVE spoken to him in recent years about his beliefs, etc.

    I’d vote for him in a heartbeat, and I know the values Academy grads hold dear…and know that I’m a strict, Constitutional conservative who doesn’t suffer fools (or lawyers) lightly.

    Stuart Alexander
    Raleigh, NC

    1. Vernon Robinson was a huge mover and shaker that got charter schools started in North Carolina. Robinson is tireless, fearless and articulate, so much so that even not being a legislator didn’t deter him from being a compelling leader as a citizen advocate who day after day spoke with legislators and got charter school reform passed. Robinson has the smarts and the drive, spirit and brains to get the Feds out of education and left locally where it should be.

      1. Well said, Mark McDaniel. Seems too many have the impression that he “can’t win”. Nonsense. He can…..he just needs proper party support. Guess he’s not kissing the right butts or rings or something. I’d take one Robinson to any ten other “go along to get along” Republicans any day.

        1. Thanks guys for addressing if not answering my above question about Robinson. I’m still not sure why he got singled out, though. But as for getting proper Party support, forget it. He got NONE when he bravely took on Brad Miller ten years ago.

          Then again, the NCGOP has established a pattern in the way it treats prominent African-Americans who seek Public OR Party office. Vernon Robinson, Timothy Johnson, Bill Randall, and Hasan Harnett come to mind. Interestingly, a guy named Hayes was in charge of the NCGOP when Johnson was forced out as NCGOP VC, and when the 13th district was re-mapped twice in one month to disadvantage Randall against George Holding. And of course, everyone knows who is unlawfully occupying Hasan Harnett’s office.

  11. John Blust is also my first choice in this race. He has been on the right side of issues, he has a good voting record, and is a genuinely nice guy. Good pick Brant.

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