Chapel Hill’s “threatening” statue

Can you be threatened by a statue?  Apparently, some of the wine-and-cheese limo-liberals in Chapel Hill believe so:

The leaders of UNC-Chapel Hill’s $4.25 billion fundraising campaign have weighed in on the issue of what to do with Silent Sam, and they support the idea of relocating the Confederate monument.

In a letter Tuesday to the UNC Board of Trustees, eight co-chairs of the Campaign for Carolina said they support UNC Chancellor Carol Folt’s statement last week that the toppled statue should be moved to a new, more appropriate location. The letter was signed by alumni campaign leaders Barbara Hyde, Roger Perry, John Townsend, John Ellison, Michael Kennedy, Jennifer Evans, Vicki Craver and Austin Stephens. All are alumni and most have either served as members of the UNC trustee board or Board of Visitors.

In their letter, the co-chairs called the situation surrounding the debate over Silent Sam an “increasingly dangerous situation impacting our students and faculty and threatening to tarnish the reputation of our nation’s first public university, as well as the State of North Carolina.”[…]

Really?  How about the fake classes and the athletic cheating scandals?  Or the riots when conservative speakers come to town?  Does a statue that makes snowflakes pee their bedsheets every night really trump those things?

I’ll tell you what’s really threatening.  Masked leftist radicals running around vandalizing stuff they don’t like and threatening people they don’t like. A town controlled by radical snowflakes sympathetic to said masked hoodlums who refuse to let the police keep law and order.  Gene Nichol and Barry Nakell at the law school. Oh, and THIS esteemed member of the UNC faculty. 

College towns and college campuses are typically a little off-beat and, um, different. Chapel Hill and UNC-Chapel Hill are in a special category  of kookiness all by their lonesomes.


[…] Campaign leaders did not cite any data that the divisive Silent Sam issue was causing a drop in donations. The campaign has raised roughly half its target of raising $4.25 million by the end of 2022.

“We recognize that those of us who love our University and believe in its mission have held different views on the continued presence of this monument in McCorkle Place,” the letter said. “And many are troubled by the method of its removal. But now that Silent Sam is down, we are united in agreeing that it should not return to its former location. We further believe that the Confederate Monument, located in a proper context on our campus, can become a catalyst for education about America’s darker hours and for civil discourse about our future.”[…]

Aah, the typical leftist go-to argument.  *It’s somebody else’s fault — or the fault of some inanimate object — that I came up short.*

If these whiners only knew —  most people living outside of Orange County are more embarrassed about Chapel Hill itself than a statue.  


22 thoughts on “Chapel Hill’s “threatening” statue

  1. These so-called fundraisers are a bunch of losers and hypocrites. They aren’t the least bit concerned about academic scandals and radical leftist Antifa attacks on the campus, but feign concern over a 150 year memorial to UNC alumni who paid the ultimate price defending their state. Just ignore these stupid liberals. Hopefully, in time, the Republican BOG will get rid of Folt and the leftist professors and return UNC to its rightful place as a respected university.

  2. I am SO glad I chose not to attend UNC back when, because, I only have to imagine how furious I would be instead of having to actually live the fury. Many UNC grads that are long time friends of mine are not so very, as it has forever been, proud of their educational heritage these days. Not proud enough to continue their $ support. “It’s more money for the grandkids” one said.

    Browny Douglas

  3. Within the Campaign for Carolina letter they stated their concern about “…impacting our students and faculty and threatening to tarnish the reputation of our nation’s first public university…”

    Are you people joking? That ship sailed long ago. Don’t bother sending the fundraising letter.

  4. Problem solved dudes. Replace Silent Sam with a statue of Professor Dixon and his AR dressed in his antifa duds.

    UNC doesn’t deserve Silent Sam or the honorable students Sam memorializes.

    1. “UNC doesn’t deserve Silent Sam or the honorable students Sam memorializes.”
      Cool. Problem solved then.

    2. Update: Due to the Nike/Kaepernick deal.

      When UNC has Professor Dixon modeling with his AR 15 for the new campus statue, make sure he is decked out in the Antifa duds from Nike with the check marks. Yeah buddy. Carolina needs designer Antifa duds.

  5. What tarnishes UNC’s reputation is their participation in the racist War on History, which is also an assault on free speech. They are no different than ISIS, the Taliban, and the Nazi bookburners when they seek to destroy history over their stupid racist reasons. What also destroys their reputation is letting a criminal like Dixon remain on their faculty after what he did.

    Maybe UNC should change tis name to the University of Nutters and Communists. Maybe we just ought to cede the whole place to Venezuela or North Korea.

    1. MAYBE you should consider what that statue and others like it says, intentionally or not, to people of color. For the most part, to people of color, these are a symbol of white supremacy and of oppression of their race. Ultimately, IF the Confederacy had won the Civil War, slavery would have continued here. That is what people of color see when they see these statues and White Supremacists defending them.

      1. You are clearly part of the out of touch Loony Left.

        National Public Radio commissioned a poll on Confederate war memorials and found that most Americans want to stay put. Majorities of every age grroup, both genders, and in all regions of the country believe they should stay up. Ideologically, solid majorities of every political philosophy except those describing themselves as “very liberal” believed they should remain. A plurality of black Americans thought they should remain, as did a majority of all other ethnic groups.

        You lefties talk about “diversity” but you fail to see that the Confederate States was diverse before diversity was cool. The CSA had the first Jewish member of the national cabinet on this side of the Atlantic, Judah P. Benjamin of Florida, who served successively as Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Secretary of War in President Davis’ cabinet. The CSA had the first American Indians to serve in Congress. The CSA was also the only side in the war to have a person of color attain the rank of general in its army, Confederate General Stand Watie. The north did not even let persons of color serve as lieutenants, much less generals.

        You PC morons also fail to note that there were slave states on both sides of the War Between the States, and the north actually admitted a new slave state in the middle of the war. There were also slave owners on both sides of the war, but the overwhelming majority of southern soldiers were NOT slave owners. Your racist attacks on southern patriots make you a bigot.

        1. The poll you mention (but don’t cite) had only 44% of African Americans saying to keep the statues. Only one other minority group is broken out AND it is over a year old. Very old for an active topic like this. Nice try though.

          1. There were other polls that showed similar results. With blacks, it was, as I said, a plurality. That is more blacks were okay with the monuments staying up than blacks wanting them taken down.

            These sort of polls don’t tend to change. The one on Confederate flags is done roughly every year or so, and the numbers do not change much. A solid majority believes they are symbols of southern pride, not racism. Even the one taken right after than SC shooting where the media demagogued against the Confederate flag did not show any change.

            You are your Antifa comrades are engaged in an obnoxious racist attack on my ancestors who were not slave owners but fought to defend their homes against northern invaders. It is Antifa and its allied groups who are the racists here.

            The poll is well known enough that I did not have to provide a link. You already knew about it and could even quote numbes.

      2. Maybe you should consider what a memorial is. The “tolerant” “inclusive” and “diverse” left behaves in opposition to their lofty claims. The vulgar attacks from the left are a testament to the horrors of totalitarianism.

  6. If liberal radicals what to destroy something, then that thing must be taken down because it has become dangerous? What if they start saying the Old Well must go. Can they then tear it down and it will stay down because it is dangerous? The only thing that made Silent Sam dangerous was the determination by some radicals that they were going to destroy it.

  7. When I think of Silent Sam, I think of my own father. He was a freshman at UNC when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Like the students of 1861, my father was one of the many UNC students who came forward and volunteered to defend their country from aggressors.. Many did not come back. My father was one of the lucky ones. Those students of 1861 and of 1941 are not different at all. They are all patriots and heroes.

    The obnoxious left wing crowd at UNC would undoubtedly protest a statue to the students who went away to war in 1941 just like they are protesting those who went away to war in 1861. The students who gave their lives for their country are heroes. Those who protest their sacrifice are dirtbags..

    1. A tribute to UNC students who gave their lives in U.S. conflicts/wars does exist and the so called “obnoxious left wing crowd at UNC” has not had any problem with it – as it is not a racist monument dedicated by a racist. See the Carolina Alumni Memorial in Memory of Those Lost in Military Service.

      1. Confederate monuments are NOT NOT NOT racist. YOU are the racist for maligning them in that fashion. It was the despicable Marxist hate group Southern Poverty Law Center that started that process of maligning southern monuments, and then the rest of the alt left joined it. A few generations ago, black folks named their children for Confederate heroes. The attacks on our history is something that has been manufactured recently in the alt left’s campaign to divide America and to scream race at every opportunity, justified or NOT.

        There is no difference between the Confederate heroes and those of other wars except in the warped minds of the alt left.

        1. NOBODY is protesting the UNC Carolina Alumni Memorial in Memory of Those Lost in Military Service because it honors all of the University’s dead in all of the Country’s conflicts including the Civil War. The difference w/S. Sam is that it was erected to celebrate white supremacists in the South – even dedicated by one who bragged about beating a black woman (even after the Civil War was over). It was also erected during a time of increased KKK activity and lynchings of black men in the South and elsewhere. If that aint racist then….
          As I’ve said before, you can have your Southern Pride but don’t think that Silent Sam was a friendly reminder to people of color.

          1. You regurgitate the Soros talking points so well!

            Confederate monuments were erected in the same time period when Union war monuments were erected, which was when the old soldiers were starting to die off. That is a common time frame for all war memorials to go up, and there is absolutely NOTHING “racist” about that! Only in the minds of the whacked out alt left, did any war memorials have anything at all to do with “white supremacy”.

            The KKK revival around the turn of the century was more in the north than in the south. Their biggest chapters (I am sure they had another name for them probably starting with the letter “K”) were in Indiana and Ohio, not in the south. You would have a better, but still illogical argument, to associate Union war memorials with the KKK. Oh, and the first mass lynching of black people in North America occurred in New York City in 1863 as part of the New York draft riots.

            This is all just part of the alt left’s sorry scheme to divide America. It is something that has been a non-issue for decades that they are now trying to manufacture as an issue. It is a racist attack on our heritage that is little different from the Nazi bookburnings.

        2. The maligning of the Silent Sam statue in Chapel Hill actually started in 1913 when Julian Carr gave his speech at its dedication.

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