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Silent Sam vandals now seeking to topple Chapel Hill cop

Just as we’ve been warning you, the statue is only the beginning — the tip of the iceberg: A Chapel Hill police officer has been put on paid leave following questions about a tattoo on his forearm of the Roman numeral three encircled with stars….

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#ncga: David Lewis, ETHICS LAW chairman ???

I stumbled across this gem today: Ethics Law Chairman?  I knew Lewis was the big elections kahuna for the House.  But putting him in charge of ANYTHING akin to ETHICS??? (Yikes.) Let’s review, shall we? December 2015:  Lewis was the subject of an ethics complaint…

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#ncga: To be continued …

In the wake of the felony indictment of Bob Steinburg’s top legislative AND campaign aide,  Steinburg supporters immediately blasted the grand jury’s decision as part of a Dare County-based political conspiracy.  One would have to wonder if they’ll stand by that argument — given that…

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FOUR charged. (Seriously?)

Out of all the potential targets they had — that huge mob that vandalized and toppled Silent Sam — authorities have only managed to charges FOUR people.  Never mind all the video from the drivebys and the social media material.  Just FOUR: […] Initially, officials…

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#ncpol: Like grandpa, like grandson.

If you’ve ever wondered HOW Dallas Woodhouse comes up with some of the things he says and does, look no further than his grandfather, NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes: The chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party faces criticism for comments he made at a recent…

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#ncpol: Here we go AGAIN ?

In 2016, state Republicans blew what should have been an easy reelection for Supreme Court justice Robert Edmunds.  That loss threw the balance of power on the court to Democrats.  In 2018, we’ve got another big Supreme Court race involving a Republican incumbent.   Sources…

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2009 v. 2018: Contracts, Secrecy, and Steinburg.

County bureaucrats are exposed as having engaged in a sketchy contractual deal with an outside company.  The county commissioners were unaware.  Grassroots activists cry foul.  Bloggers rage. Sound familiar, Currituck County?  That was Chowan County in 2009.  One of those bloggers raising a fuss at…

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Never mind the mob violence. Drivebys, Chapel Hill kooks freak over cop’s tattoos.

Leave it to the driveby media and the freak show that runs Chapel Hill to gloss over mob violence and raise a stink over a cop’s tattoo: Chapel Hill’s police chief says he regrets that one of his officers has displayed a controversial tattoo on…

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#ncpol: Shumaker driving NC govs protest of amendments?

The state’s drivebys are captivated by the fact that all living former governors came out against TWO of the proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot.  Now, it appears the man behind the curtain on this gubernatorial protest is none other than uber-consultant Paul Shumaker…

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#ncga: Let’s do the (constitution amendment) hustle!

After being swatted down by some judges, the honorables are back in town to take another stab at (at least) TWO of the six amendments to the state constitution we are slated to vote on in November. The deadlines for printing ballots are fast approaching….