#ncga: To be continued …

In the wake of the felony indictment of Bob Steinburg’s top legislative AND campaign aide,  Steinburg supporters immediately blasted the grand jury’s decision as part of a Dare County-based political conspiracy.  One would have to wonder if they’ll stand by that argument — given that the court system in Dare County has cut Steinburg (and London) a HUGE political break.

The word from Dare County today is that Diana London’s scheduled court appearance on one count of felony embezzlement resulted in a continuance until December 3.  That’s almost a month after the polls close in Steinburg’s senate race.

Steinburg has defended London throughout, describing the felony indictment as little more than a “contract dispute.”  She has continued to serve as Steinburg’s legislative aide in Raleigh and his top campaign aide in the Senate race.

5 thoughts on “#ncga: To be continued …

  1. Why does a simple “contract dispute” need a continuance?
    I smell smoke, stop, drop, roll…

  2. Who is the attorney representing her? I don’t think it’s the same one she claimed when she was first indicted.

  3. So the Police Department and the Grand Jury, who is a jury if your peers is in cahoots politically, to sabatoge the BS Campaign?
    Hate to break it to you Windbag Bob, but the world doesn’t revolve around you and yours. You just aren’t that important. I believe that law enforcement and the Grand Jury we’re doing their job.

  4. Note, this loathsome disgusting person (Diana London) was also sanctioned by a Judge in Wake County Court in April with a $15,000 judgement for misleading and frauding a marketing company in Raleigh. I guess this Wake County Court order was also coordinated by that same Dare County political regime? So she has a Wake County Superior Court judgement, and then on a separate issue is indicted with a felony embezzlement charge by a grand jury in a Dare County Superior Court, and still has an ethics complaint pending against her on another separate matter, this girl is in a pickle! Not to mention, all of these issues have occurred in the last six months. I’m guessing this girl has a similar pattern and record in other areas that she has worked. Rep. BS has serious issues. But she’s probably involved in the basketball tournament with him.

  5. REP BS and those he surrounds himself, i.e. Diana London, Harvey West, and Bobby Hanig are of questionable integrity.

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