FOUR charged. (Seriously?)

Out of all the potential targets they had — that huge mob that vandalized and toppled Silent Sam — authorities have only managed to charges FOUR people.  Never mind all the video from the drivebys and the social media material.  Just FOUR:

[…] Initially, officials said three people were charged in the Monday incident, but UNC officials said Saturday that a fourth person was charged with concealing one’s face during a public rally and resisting arrest.

The three others charged in the statue toppling incident were arrested Saturday, UNC officials said in a news release.

Here are the names of those arrested and charged with misdemeanor riot and misdemeanor defacing of a public monument in Monday’s incident: Jonathan Fitzgerald Fuller, 27; Lauren Aucoin, 23; and Raul Arce (a.k.a. Raul Mauro Arce Jimenez), 27. […] 

First of all — rioting is a misdemeanor ????   Second, those suspects all appear to be a wee bit outside of college age. Kinda throws a wet blanket on the driveby narrative about UNC students standing up to “white supremacy.”  *Can you say ANTI-FA, boys and girls?*

Meanwhile, THIS GUY has IDed a whole bunch more people involved in the Silent Sam mayhem.  It’s amazing that one blogger has accomplished so much more than UNC administrators, UNC police, and Chapel Hill police were able to. 

Meanwhile, the drivebys at the money-bleeding McClatchy paper in Raleigh are trying their damnedest to try and make Silent Sam defenders AS BAD or WORSE than  the masked leftist vandals themselves.  We’re getting all kinds of copy from them about apparent ruckuses being caused at the Silent Sam site by Sam supporters.  (I’m suuuuuure it had more to do with a couple of guys brandishing Confederate flags getting jumped by antifa freaks and defending themselves.)

The N&O told us about some people they call ‘Influencers’ who say all Confederate monuments need to be moved out of public areas.  (NO word yet on whether they favor removing the statue of N&O founder and KKK fanboy Josephus Daniels from Nash Square in Raleigh.):

[…] “Confederate monuments should not be placed in spaces of general public reverence as they do not represent the community standards of the day,” wrote survey respondent Paul Cuadros, executive director of the UNC Scholars’ Latino Initiative and associate professor at the UNC School of Media and Journalism. “They are divisive symbols and not unifying ones.”

Of the 30 respondents who said Confederate monuments should be removed or taken elsewhere, 18 are women. Twenty are white, seven are black, and one is Asian.

Most are Democrats — 18 — compared with four Republicans, six unaffiliated voters and two people who did not disclose a political affiliation.

Catherine Lawson, a Raleigh-based lawyer, said Confederate monuments were not created in honest remembrance, but to preserve white supremacy and racial intimidation and to recast history. They belong in a museum with historical context and an explanation with the role they had in obscuring facts, she said.

“As a descendant of Confederate soldiers, who has had the surreal experience of tracking her family’s possible connection to the people who enslaved Frederick Douglass, I understand the desire to pretend that our history stays in the past. But it doesn’t,” Lawson wrote. “We still live in the shadow of a history that will not lift until we reckon publicly with a legacy of multi-generational racial violence.”

North Carolina should preserve Confederate statues, because they honor a part of the state’s history, according to Patricia Timmons-Goodson, who serves on the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights and is a former justice on the state Supreme Court.

“Having said that, they should be preserved. The monuments should be placed in museums or spaces reserved for relics,” Timmons-Goodson wrote. “Our public spaces should be reserved for those monuments that lift up the highest ideals and most inspirational goals of this state. One must not forget that the leaders of the confederacy were traitors and there would be no United States of America as we know it today, if they had their way,.”

Mark Jewell, president of the North Carolina Association of Educators, suggested the General Assembly should change a 2015 law that protects monuments and memorials, “so there is a better path forward to remove or relocate these monuments. We should be a welcoming state to all.”[…]

Isn’t it interesting that someone allegedly all for education is advocating censorship and revisionism?

Of course, they threw in former McCrory chief-of-staff (and Art Pope manservant) Thomas Stith for a little “bipartisan” flavor:

[…] McCrory’s then chief of staff, Thomas Stith, said the original purpose of Confederate monuments was to honor the lives of Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. But the monuments have “grown to symbolize the abhorrent policies of racial discrimination,” Stith wrote.

“Regardless of their intended and/or actual purpose, they are BENIGN. Our more pressing issue is the current loss of life of African Americans in our cities across the country. … Issues ranging from health disparities to the education gap are clear and present dangers to communities throughout our state,” Stith wrote. “The symbols of racism are much less impactful than the realities played out daily in growing economic divide between the ‘haves’ and ‘the-have-nots.’”[…]

*Wow.Chris Fitzsimon COULD NOT HAVE said it better.*

17 thoughts on “FOUR charged. (Seriously?)

  1. Josephus Daniels, founder of the News and Observer, was indeed a major white supremist leader in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and a fan of the Klan, but his family were Union sympathizers during the War Between the States. Josephus Damiels’ father rowed downriver to Union gunboats and told them how to get past Confederate defenses to capture Washington, NC in 1862. He was given a pass to trade between the lines by the Union army. In 1864, when Confederate General Hoke recaptured Washington, Daniels’ father was one of the Union sympathizers who tried to leave with the northern troops, but was shot by irate townspeople as he was trying to leave on a gunboat after the yankees had set fire to the town on their departure.

    The Daniels family shows that northern sympathizers were as likely to be racists as Confederate supporters.

  2. Liberal excuse for a chancellor, Carol Folt, would prefer no one be charged. The UNC trustees need to give this incompetent the boot. She has done nothing but encourage this kind of violence ever since she came to Chapel Hill with her snide comments about this historic monument honoring UNC alumni who served their state.

  3. This racist symbol of oppression, that was central to UNC’s (the people’s University) campus for a century became an eyesore for a majority of townspeople and University students and faculty. A vast majority of those did not want the statue there. It was way worse for generations of people of color who walked by it over that time.
    You can keep your southern pride without casting scorn on the citizens of this state from the prominent station the statue held for too long.

    1. You are to the left of Lenin if you believe the crap you have posted. You Marxists want to insult the descendants of Confederate veterans who gave their lives to defend their state and region from yankee invaders who were heavily involved in war crimes against southern civilians, black and white (see Sherman’s March to the Sea, for example).

      You Marxists should listen to your own messiah, Karl Marx who wrote while the War Between the States was in progress that “the war is not about slavery; it is a war of economic subjugation by the north against the south”.

      And JBP. many of us do not want you in our state. Why don’t you board a plane for Venezuela or North Korea where they do things more your way?

      If you claim the war was over slavery, how in the world do you explain away the Corwin Amendment?

      1. I put NO stock in what Karl Marx said. Seems you believe him more than I. I don’t care what he wrote and really doubt he knew anything substantive about the U.S., the conflict, or American Freedoms when he made his claims. Not surprisingly, he probably made the claim to tear us down and build his beliefs up. I don’t fall for such transparent tricks.

        Many of “you” don’t want me in NC but many of you DO want me in NC. More importantly, I want to be in NC, am proud of NC, love NC, and see how much more NC can be. As I recall, it is a Free Country still.

        War crimes, as usual, occurred on both sides of the Civil War. Please don’t pretend otherwise.

        The Corwin Amendment failed to be ratified for a very good reason, it made NO sense if we were to rid ourselves of slavery. Its introduction actually verifies that the war was fought over that very issue. Thanks for reinforcing my stand.

        1. The Corwin Amendment, which would have enshrined slavery in the Constitution was passed by the required supermajorities of the US House and Senate when they were totally under northern control, after the first seven southern states had left, and was endorsed by Lincoln in his first Inaugural Address. The other major piece of legislation passed about the same time, the Morrill Tariff had a lot more to do with the real causes of the war, but the Corwin Amendment showed the north did NOT fight the war over slavery.

          There may have been a few isolated Southern war crimes, but it was the north that did it systematically as a matter of policy and on a widespread basis beginning at Fredericksburg in 1862.

          I quoted you Marx because his philosophy is so close to yours. Personally, I give more weight to one of the UK’s top anti-slavery leaders, novelist Charles Dickens, who devoted an entire chapter in his book about his travels in the United States to a fierce denunciation of slavery and slave owners. Dickens wrote on the north’s claim to be fighting over slavery:

          “The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern states.”
          = Charles Dickens

        2. Get real.

          Slave states fought on both the northern and southern sides in the War Between the States. Indeed, the north admitted another slave state to its Union in the middle of the war. Slave owners fought on both sides in the war (including slave owner U. S. Grant for the Union). Opponents of slavery fought on both sides. Persons of color fought on both sides. Both sides hired contractors who used slave labor for military construction.

          The shameful racial policies of the US military toward persons of color that persisted through World War II originated with the Union army, not the Confederate army. The Union army gave soldiers of color half the pay of white soldiers while the Confederate army gave them full pay. Soldiers of color were integrated in Confederate units but segregated in separate units in the Union army. Persons of color were not allowed to serve as officers in the Union army, as even their segregated minority regiments were given white officers all the way down to the lowest lieutenants. The Confederate army allowed persons of color to serve as officers, and had a person of color, Stand Watie, attain the rank of General. General Watie commanded the last sizable Confederate fighting force to surrender at the end of the war.

          The attack on Confederate monuments is part of the “new racism” by the far left, which is directed at white people. It is also part of the far left’s campaign to divide the American people.

  4. You learn something everyday. Back when history in school was really history….we learned about scalawags and carbetbaggers. I learned today that Josephus Daniels was a scalawag.

    Nobody today understands anything but MONEY. That is why there are boycotts, public relations backpeddling, and the litigious society we live in. Therefore,

    All you UNC (and other schools in the system) alums need to make your intentions crystal clear. No more donations, no more fundraising, no more support until something is done about this issue.

    I really gripes me to see when somebody donates heavily enough to say have a building or something named after them, and then years later, the institution renames or removes that name for the sake of political correctness or modern thinking. Who would give a million bucks to have their name attached to something that will one day be reneged on. The whole point is to have a legacy.

    They gotta be hurt in their pocketbooks folks. And they have to know its coming and its real. If you don’t, they win.

  5. Now we have learned that a UNC professor has actually been identified with Antifa and involved in the destruction of the Silent Sam Monument. Obviously, the feckless Carol Folt has to go. Why won’t the Republican UNC trustee board give her the boot, bring in a conservative leader, and clean house? Are the Republicans just going to sit idly by and do nothing while our university falls apart?

    1. Falling apart???
      UNC Chapel Hill is #5 among the top public universities in the country according to US News and World Report. Not too shabby.

      1. UNC Chapel Hill was #1 in US News and World Repots not to very long ago…they are declining.

        1. I agree. In the meantime it is time for the disclosure of just who that whoever is. The shadowy creatures need to be brought to light.

  6. If anyone thinks the Republicans are going to do anything to clean up the corruption and radicalism at UNC, you are fooling yourselves. The Republicans are afraid of their own shadows. They are even afraid of Carol Folt.

    1. I suspect you’re right. But, maybe if we built a hot enough fire under their sorry arses. I doubt they can be shamed; maybe they can be defunded.

  7. Living in Chapel Hill, I have watched these limp Republicans for years. They have done nothing to reform the liberal swamp at UNC. Most of them bought their way onto the Board of Governors and love the honor of holding the position. They could care less about the radical leftwing takeover of the campus by Folt and her gang of leftist administrators and professors. If you really want to see GOP idiots at work, just come over and watch a BOG meeting. There is no hope for this crowd.

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