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UNC’s multi-million dollar plan to “repair” the Silent Sam mess

Usually, when vandals strike, you file a police report and then make arrangements to clean up the mess and restore it to its pre-crime state.  You would think that would be the solution to cleaning up the mess from the mob action that resulted in…

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Silent Sam vandals now seeking to topple Chapel Hill cop

Just as we’ve been warning you, the statue is only the beginning — the tip of the iceberg: A Chapel Hill police officer has been put on paid leave following questions about a tattoo on his forearm of the Roman numeral three encircled with stars….

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FOUR charged. (Seriously?)

Out of all the potential targets they had — that huge mob that vandalized and toppled Silent Sam — authorities have only managed to charges FOUR people.  Never mind all the video from the drivebys and the social media material.  Just FOUR: […] Initially, officials…

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Never mind the mob violence. Drivebys, Chapel Hill kooks freak over cop’s tattoos.

Leave it to the driveby media and the freak show that runs Chapel Hill to gloss over mob violence and raise a stink over a cop’s tattoo: Chapel Hill’s police chief says he regrets that one of his officers has displayed a controversial tattoo on…

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#ncga: Jones St. Dems Okey-Dokey with mob violence

At least these three freaks from Orange County are: So, mob violence is an acceptable response to not getting your way on the House floor?  What a pack of lowlifes. You may remember this dingleberry as the guy who is ashamed to be white.  Meyer…

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Goodbye Peace & Love. Hello Violence & Vandalism.

See something you don’t like?  Something make you unhappy? Break it. The Peace & Love crowd of the 1960s and 70s has fully-morphed into the Smash & Grab caucus.  Many of them now dress in all black, mask their faces, and call themselves “antifa”.  That’s short…

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Cooper: Don’t hurt yourself destroying that public property

Yesterday, he cited the mess in Durham as a “better” method for dealing with Confederate monuments. Today, Roy Cooper is calling for ALL Confederate monuments to be taken down as a safety measure: On Tuesday night North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) called on the…