UNC’s multi-million dollar plan to “repair” the Silent Sam mess

Usually, when vandals strike, you file a police report and then make arrangements to clean up the mess and restore it to its pre-crime state.  You would think that would be the solution to cleaning up the mess from the mob action that resulted in the destruction of the memorial to UNC students and faculty who fell in The War for Southern Independence. 

But, no.  The UNC Board of Trustees approved a $5.3 million museum to house the statue on campus.  On the face of it – sounds like a win-win for both sides.  The statue is out of public view, for the most part — pleasing the leftists.  The statue is repaired and once again erected on campus — pleasing the common sense crowd. 

But, of course, you cannot please the leftist mob (unless you cave in 100% and unconditionally to their insane demands):

[…] Maya Little, a Ph.D. student in history who made news this year when she poured ink and blood on the statue, urged graduate student teaching assistants to go on strike. She decried the proposal to spend millions on a new home for Silent Sam at the same time the university wants to impose a new student fee to pay for building renovations.

Protesters called on teaching assistants and professors to withhold grading final exams or assignments for the fall semester and published a list of seven demands on the website silencesam.com.

The president of the Black Student Movement, Qieara Lesesne, said students are demoralized by the proposal put forth Monday by the UNC Board of Trustees. She called on university and state leaders to find an alternative.

“I am hurt but I am not surprised,” Lesesne said. “I am disappointed to be associated with an institution that continuously seeks to protect and glorify the white supremacists who love to hate us.” […] 

Let’s see.  You and your friends gleefully destroy public property. You don’t add anything constructive or positive to society.  You TAKE, TAKE, TAKE and cost us MORE MORE MORE.  *What’s NOT to love about you?*


[…] Several hundred demonstrators marched the streets of Chapel Hill and amassed around the boarded up base of the Silent Sam Confederate statue at UNC-Chapel Hill on Monday night, calling for a strike of graduate student teaching assistants.

They were met by a heavy police presence. When protesters began pushing on barricades surrounding the statue’s pedestal, officers put on riot gear, and at least one man was arrested. […] 

Yeah.  *Remember that Tea Party rally where the cops had to put on riot gear?*  (Me neither.)

THIS is surrender to the mob.  It’s the breakdown of civilized society when we cower in fear about what the mob might do next, and shape our actions with the hope of avoiding offending said mob.

I say the statue goes back up.  Fine these yo-yos personally the cost of repairing any and all future vandalism to it.  Make payment of the fine like bail — the key to getting out of jail after being arrested.  The university COULD use payment of the fines as leverage for enrolling in classes or obtaining diplomas.  They do stuff like that all the time.

These reprobates will run out of cash eventually.  

Of course, there is always the electrified fence option …

19 thoughts on “UNC’s multi-million dollar plan to “repair” the Silent Sam mess

  1. The cowardly Republicans on the UNC trustee board have made fools of themselves. What are they thinking? Have they no respect for the clear law of North Carolina? Is this the same Republican Party that claims to stand for law and order? Republicans–just a bunch of liars. We won’t forget when 2020 rolls around.

  2. Lock. Them. Up.
    Charge the professor for inciting the mob in the first place. Send out a memo that anyone delaying grades or exams or otherwise acting adversely to their job or duty will be dismissed. Any student caught vandalizing or conducting themselves disorderly will be prosecuted as such. Nip this in the bud, NOW!

    Alumni, let the university know you are withholding any monetary support until proper actions are in place.

    This is the inmates running the asylum. Refuse to do the above and accept more insurrection and destruction surely to come.

  3. This is a good solution to having a divisive symbol on the front steps of a public university. They are following the law and placing, again, the statue on campus but in a much improved situation for it and for those walking the grounds of UNC Chapel Hill. Usually, when vandals strike, you file a police report and then make arrangements to clean up the mess and restore or improve it to its pre-crime state.

    1. What is divisive are the extremists to the left of Karl Marx who are attacking this statue which honors our brave soldiers who fought to defend our state against northern aggression.

      1. LOL! Oh man, can you hear yourself actually saying this to someone? Even Julian Carr would have gotten a rise out of your reply let alone all of the minority students who have walked the campus for a hundred years.

        1. You do not seem to comprehend that Confederate soldiers and sailors included persons of color, like Confederate General Stand Watie, the highest ranking minority to serve in the war, and Moses Dallas, a black Confederate naval officer who was instrumental in planning and helped lead one of the most daring exploits to the war, the capture of the yankee warship USS Waterwitch in a surprise nighttime attack boarding from small boats.

          As to being to the left of Karl Marx, I would note that Marx himself wrote that “the war is not about slavery: it is a war of economic subjugation by the north against the south.”

          1. I understand that there were blacks in the Confederate military. Most, if not all, were forced into the fight against their will. That they fought hard is more a testament to their abilities and their will to survive than for a Confederate victory.

            I know that with Trump at the helm of the Republican Party and Conservatives that there is a romance with the Soviet way of life and Mr. Marx. That he had any comment on the Civil War can be seen at best, as an uninformed foreigner in a time of limited information exchange and at worst, a self serving argument to promote his Communist agenda.

          2. Twenty percent of southern blacks at the time of the War Between the States were free blacks, and most of those who fought for southern independence came from that group. Moses Dallas, for example, was a free black man who was a professional harbor pilot for the port of Savannah before the war, for example.

            My purpose in quoting Marx is to show that the far left hatemongers these days who spew hate against southerners and southern heritage are to the left of even Karl Marx.

            Personally, I prefer the sentiments of a leader of the British anti-slavery movement, novelist Charles Dickens, who described the north’s attempt to claim the war was about slavery as “specious humbug designed to conceal the north’s desire for economic control of the southern states”

          3. “…most of those who fought for southern independence came from that group.” Can you provide documentation of that? I can’t find evidence to support that. I did find this:
            https://www.theroot.com/yes-there-were-black-confederates-here-s-why-1790858546 which gives a more accurate picture of the farce you promote.
            You said that 20% of southern Blacks were free at the time of the war. Is this something to be proud of??? That 8 in 10 is enslaved is an embarrassment don’t you think?

          4. Well, JBP, do you contend that famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass, a former slave himself. was “uninformed” when he wrote in July 1861:

            “…there are at the present moment many colored men in the Confederate Army…as real soldiers, having muskets on their shoulders, and bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down loyal troops, and do all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government…There were such soldiers at Manassas and they are probably there still.” (General Joe Johnson’s Army of Northern Virginia was still in position at Manassas at that time)

          5. I never denied that there were some Black soldiers in the Confederacy, just like Mr. F. Douglas said. The word “many” is the sticking point. He never said how many probably because he had no real information on that.
            Are you still proud that (at least) 8 in 10 blacks in the South at the time were slaves?

          6. JPB: So, is there a certain number of non-white Confederates that would make any difference to the narrative you are pushing or is it just a moot point? I think it’s rather ironic that your leftist narrative is way less inclusive than those of us protecting Confederate memorials: We advocate remembering all Confederates; You advocate demonizing all Confederates. You have a very narrow view of our history; rather non-inclusive and hateful.

            Your ideas concerning memorials seem to correspond with Maoist practices that glorify those you idolize while destroying everything else.

        2. Please, nobody tell where the John Noland grave is. These leftist criminals specialize in desecration crimes.

  4. Hopefully, the Board of Governors will step in and undo the illegal action of the UNC trustees. Nonetheless, what an embarrassment for the Republican Party. Can they get anything right?

    1. Would you have the UNC Board of Governors replace Silent Sam where it was? It would be a danger to public safety and a very costly situation to provide security over an endless time-span. In its former position on campus it would remain a divisive symbol and a symbol of repression to over half of the students. In the new situation, most of these problems are eliminated or greatly reduced.

      1. Actually, the danger to public safety originates solely from the Antifa thugs and their snowflake minions.

  5. I find myself in perfect harmony with the writer of the article and John Steed.

    Improper behavior and a total misunderstanding of history should not be rewarded. UNC and the rest of us need to have a backbone.

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